Since my early teens I have been fascinated by Speedos and Lycra Sports Kit and that has never gone away. As I grew older I started to get more into swimming, cycling, running & rowing to name a few things.

These days I am wearing some type of Lycra every day be it either speedos, cycling shorts, or running tights so thought I would share my daily Lycra experiences and thoughts with the world.

I live in South London and am a regular swimmer and cyclist.

When trying to illustrate my blog posts I try and use my own photos where possible but the majority of photos are not mine so will gladly remove if requested. I get a lot of request asking me for photos of myself and while I find it flattering, I’m trying to keep a level of privacy/discretion regarding my fascination with all things Lycra and I feel at the moment that allows me to be as honest as I can when writing the blog posts.

If you have any questions please feel free to email me.



12 thoughts on “About

  1. hey there. I found you in Twitter. I’m 44, cyclist, runner, workout and love gear. Being in it and seeing fit guys in it. Great blog. Love it. We like exactly the same things. Exercising. Being out and seeing a hot guy in something right and then trying to see how is cock is resting. I LOVE doing that. Check out my Tumblr. Have 15000 followers. Am also on Instagram. Get backcountry wanted to chat more. Cheers from Canada.


  2. Hey, Also just found your blog via Twitter. You blog is so hot and inspiring. You are an amazing writer and you really have captured your fetish and passion of gear, particularly cycling kit and speedos amazingly well. I really identify with your obsession and fascination with lycra! I too have loved it since a teenager and have really got more into it in my adult life through cycling and triathlons. For me, the feeling of tight gear on my muscles and skin is electric and makes me incredibly horny, particularly when cycling or swimming. The sight of other guys wearing tight gear while working out makes me instantly horny. The lycra tightly wrapped around a bulging cock and tight ass drives me insane and I love that your writing reflects that feeling too. Can’t wait to read more. Cheers from LA.


  3. i love speedos. how many do u have? there is a certain style that i am looking for if you can help me. if you can email me at my yahoo email address….thanks


    • Hi Jeff Thanks for you comment, I know I have way to many Speedos and it is certainly heading into triple figures! Think I have a problem. There is a selection of them in the Just on more post but I’ve just added another two pairs today. 😉


  4. Hi. I just stumbled across your blog. I am also a London based guy into cycling and lycra. Feel free to get in touch, if you want to chat, meet, or even just watch me cycle past you!

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