Lockdown Lycra

The UK Lockdown 3.0 has been rather busy for me with a lot of late nights and early mornings trying to keep up with all the projects I’ve got on at the moment.

This time last year I was getting ready to go to Cape Town, move house and also go for the annual week in France but it had been such a different February. Whilst I’ve been able to buy myself a very cool new snowboard and bindings it is all just sitting in the cupboard waiting for the all clear and boy am I gagging for a holiday.

I don’t know about you but one of the things that I have tried to maintain this lock down is actually having a shower and putting different clothes on every morning as I think last year I got into a bit of a funk and just lived in one T-Shirt and the same pair of basket ball short for a week at a time.

I have also found myself getting into bed with my iPad and watching those YouTube videos about travelling in the business class suites or about hotels with amazing infinite pools till I fall asleep.

Well I guess you’re wondering by now where’s the Lycra in this post, well you know me there is not a normal day that doesn’t go by without me wearing some sort of Lycra.

Well whilst I did start January getting up in the morning going out for a lap of the park and then coming home to shower and putting on some clean underwear and some new clothes each day I’ve found myself slipping a little, but don’t worry I’m still showering and putting on clean clothes on the top part at least for the Teams and Zoom calls.

Last year when I moved into the new place I packed all of my gloves and winter stuff away with my snow gear and that included most of my tights as well. I’ve been mainly rotating a couple of pairs of tights with track pants when I got out to exercise in the morning, but the recent cold weather meant that I couldn’t go out like I had been for most of the winter so far.

With this cold snap I did have to go into the boxes to retrieve my gloves but whilst I was in there I grabbed all of my pairs of running tights so I’m glad to say that I’ve now got my full collection ready to grab.

I’ve now in the routine getting up in the morning and slipping into a pair of running tights and heading out for a lap of the park. Once I’m back I’ll shower and then grab a new pair and have found myself spending the rest of the day in a T-shirt and running tights. I have fallen back in love with all of the Addias running tights I bought last year after my trip to the US.

I’ve had to be a bit careful when I’m on zoom calls to turn the camera off when if I need to get up to get something in the middle of the call, but it also does make meetings more exciting when your rest your hands in your lap on your thighs and feel the Lycra stretch across your body.

Maybe as the weather warms up it will be a chance to be able to start to work in my Speedos during the day.

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