The Speedo Movement

Well this blog had been going for just over 6 years now and looking back over that time one of the things I’ve mostly enjoyed are the messages and conversations with people. One of the stand out conversations of the last year happened in October when I shared one of their posts in my stories feed on Instagram.

I had only started following The Speedo Movement a month or so earlier and to be honest I can’t really remember what made me follow them in the first place, but one thing I did notice between starting to follow them and chatting to Cody that day was that they post Speedo photos of their members who are all shapes, sizes and colors.

As the regulars here will know I have written blogs previously about my own body confidence & Speedo journey and I applaud them for the way they have done this, and promote body confidence. I came away from the conversation with Cody really refreshed and it took me back to the way I felt about Speedos and Lycra when I was a teenager.

I would recommend that if you haven’t seen The Speedo Movement website or social media feeds I would recommend that you do.

I think Cody & Joe have been running their website for just over a year now but they’ve already got 15k followers on Instagram already and at the beginning of the year they asked what collaborations their followers would like to see this year and I’ve listed the list of companies below that were suggested.

There were a few companies on here that I wasn’t aware so it was interesting exercise to check them out whilst I was setting up the links, so hopefully this will give you some new options for your next pair.



Aussie Togs

Budgy Smuggler

Danny Miami


Funky Trunks

Grand Axis


Jack Adams


Kiniki Tan Through

Koala Swim



Modus Vivendi



Pistol Pete





Turlock & Co


Oh and they have a couple of designs of their own The Speedo Movement branded swimwear, here are my favourite.

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