The Lifeguards

I departed a rather cold London and was very pleased to land into about 20 degree temperatures and whilst this was not my first trip to South Africa in some aspects it felt like it was, and the main reason for this nervousness as I stepped off the plane was this trip was going to be physically challenging.

I landed about lunchtime and for those regular readers, you can probably guess my routine which is to drop my bags grab the pair of Speedos that I have in my carry on luggage and head for the hotel pool. The hotel for the first night had a roof top pool which had great views of the surrounding area and it was great to slip into the water and get a few laps done.

The next morning I was getting picked up at 11am to head out of town and further up the coast, so I managed an early morning swim and breakfast before that.

I wasn’t quite sure what to expect of the day as a couple of the emails mentioned that depending on the weather and tide one of the plans was to drop us off and we would swim into the house, so I was wearing my black Speedo Endurance briefs with the Speedo Logo across the butt under my shorts and t-shirt.

Oh the way up our guide Owen was telling us about some of the other people who were staying at the house with us and they ranged from myself a rather amateur swimmer up to an Olympian who was training for the qualifiers. Needless to say it was taking all of my energy to contain the butterflies the closer we got.

The house was in a nature reserve with a deck that went straight out to the water so for the duration of our stay, we would be rolling out of our beds then jumping in to lake to swim and then hanging out on the deck.

When we arrived at the house no body was around so Owen showed us to our rooms so we could drop off our bags and then we grabbed our googles stripped down to our Speedos and headed out for a bit of a warm up swim

Our warm up swim was about a 3k loop before heading back to the house, which had a few more people congregating on the deck now. Over the next couple of hours as we sat on the deck people would came back from their different swims and whilst all of the girls were mostly wearing one piece swimmers, most of the guys that came out of the water were mainly wearing boxer style Speedos with a few sporting brief style swimmers in an array of club or sponsors designs over them.

The next morning we were up before the sun, but by the time we had sorted our breakfast and got our gear sorted and into our respective support boats the sun had made an appearance. I had packed enough pairs of Speedos for a new pair each day so for that day I grabbed my Navy club Speedos as they have been worn in with other long swims.

Everyone staying in the house was heading out within a hour of each other which meant that everyone was split into 4 groups depending on their training plan and speed. Myself and another lady were put with Jason who was driving a small rib boat to support us over that days swim. Jason was a life guard in his early 20’s and whilst I really didn’t chat much to him the previous evening, Owen had mentioned on the trip up that he had just been featured in one of the national magazines and as well as being a professional lifeguard he also models as a side gig.

We were out for most of the morning swimming through the national park but my group was the first ones back to the house just in time for lunch.

On the trip back to the house the lady that I was swimming with and I were just in our Speedos sat on either side of the boat as Jason drove the boat. Through out the morning on the boat Jason had been wearing light blue shorts with a white t shirt under his Navy Water proof jacket and whilst it had certainly warmed up from when we set off Jason hadn’t taken any layers of clothing off and after dropping us off he headed back out.

After a shower we were now just on the deck checking our phones and chatting when we saw the next boat come back with the next group of swimmers.

The boat was the larger rib boat and had about 4 or 5 swimmers and onboard with Jason and Tom crewing it. Tom and Jason were both the same age and are both life guards at the same lifesaving club and now I realized the Navy waterproof jacket and black trucker hat that Jason had been wearing all morning were their work/club attire as Tom was in the identical jacket and hat.

As we watched all the swimmers get off the boat (most of them still in the swimmers), I quickly realized that Jason was standing behind the steering column in just his white t shirt and jacket but without his shorts.

As my eyes scanned up his long bare toned tanned legs it wasn’t until the very last moment that there was a flash of red Lycra just below the zipper of his navy jacket. His jacket was just long enough that when he was standing up the only thing to suggest that he was wearing anything at all under that jacket, was less that an inch of red Lycra that stretching up and out through his legs from behind and cradled him before disappearing underneath his Jacket.

I was quite surprised at this as when I meet them yesterday both Jason and Tom had been wearing board shorts and you could tell that they had no underwear or Speedos underneath as the board shorts sat so low on them that you could see both their Adonis belt (V lines) at the front and their Dimples of Venus on their lower back.

As I sat there on the deck I tried to make conversation with everyone coming off the boat and asking how their swims went but, my mind was focused on this visible little bit of red Lycra that was probably smaller that the palm of my hand poking out from just below the front of Jason’s jacket.

It was only a couple of minutes before the boat was unloaded then Jason and Tom where heading back to help the other swimmers. During this time I did my best to position myself so I could get a glimpse of anything that would give me more information about what Jason has been wearing under his shorts all morning but unfortunately it was not to be.

I sat there for the next hour or so running the pictures through my head as I chatted to the other swimmers as they ate before heading in to shower and change. I then started to think through what the other guys that had come out of the water were wearing to try and match that up with what I saw them wearing yesterday to gauge whether I would be the only bringing out a new pair of Speedos everyday.

The house we were at was just incredible and was built to make the most of life on the water. The deck extended from the house merging into a dock/jetty for the boats and at the end of that there was a set of stairs that lead up to a raised seating area.

Owen, myself and few other swimmers (that Owen had picked up at the same time as myself the previous morning) ended up sitting up later that day chatting about the days swimming and then also the plan for the next days swim. Up until this point I hadn’t see Jason or Tom come back from the previous drop off and there were only a handful of swimmers left that needed boat support, so it wasn’t long until both boats that were still out ended up at the dock unloading swimmers and kit.

As the boat approached Jason was still dressed as he was before and whilst I watched as intently as I could all I could get glimpses of were the bottom inch of his Red Speedos either from the front when he was standing up or when he leant forward the back of his Navy jacket raised up revealing the Red Lycra cupping and stretching across the bottom of his butt.

We continued to chat as Jason, Tom and the others on the boats were busy unloading them and getting them ready tomorrows outing and so I lost track of them and was really none the wiser as to what Jason’s Speedos looked like.

About 30 minutes later we heard some foot steps running down the dock/jetty and come up the stairs when I turned to face the stairs it felt like my heart had stopped and my draw dropped to the floor as bounding up the stairs was Jason & Tom in nothing but matching Red Speedos and swimming googles in their hands.

As they moved across the deck where we were they were jostling with each other like two school boys who had been let out of school and couldn’t get into the water fast enough. They quickly headed to the end of the dock and as they moved past us (giving me the best view of day) I soon realised as the yellow letters spelling out Lifeguard became more visible, that they were fully kitted out in their Life-guarding kit from Speedo to trucker hat.

With out a word to anyone on the top deck they both climbed over the railing and did a back flip off into the water below.

I sat there completely shocked trying to compose myself, whilst rerunning the whole thing through my head as it seemed like a fantasy and it just seemed to good to be true.

If I had been on the upper deck by myself I probably would have gone over to the railing to see what they were doing but I could barely keep my mind off what I had just seen let alone concentrate on the conversation I was in.

The next I saw of them was as they swam away from us and it was once again an amazing view to watch them swimming and watch the water flow over their torsos and their Red Speedos.

Unfortunately I didn’t get to see the guys return from their swim and as the day drew to a close I was left wondering if I was going to get another opportunity to see more of them in the Life Saving Speedos.

Later that evening a few of the guys that were crewing the boats had started to get the BBQ fired up and whilst I hadn’t seen Jason or Tom for a while I was pretty sure that after their swim the would have been out of their Speedo or at the very least have their shorts back on. I certainly didn’t have long to wait as I saw them come out onto the deck carrying some meat for the grill and a beer in the other hand.

As they approached the BBQ I could see that they were back into the shorts that they were wearing earlier in the day. I scanned the tops of their shorts for any sign of Red Lycra underneath and as they passed and headed away from me towards the BBQ I was watching the fabric of their shorts move as they walked to even try and get any hint of if they were still in their Speedos.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t see any bit of Red Lycra or and indication of whether they were wearing their Speedos so assumed that they must be hanging up somewhere drying off.

Tom was the first to move away from the BBQ and sit down and as he did I still hadn’t given up hope that he has his red Speedos on but, his shorts weren’t given any secrets away so I refocused my attention onto Jason as he now seemed to be getting involved in the BBQ.

After watching out of the corner of my eye for a little bit Jason proceeded to tuck his bottle of beer into the back pocket of his shorts so that he could turn some meat over on the BBQ. As he force to bottle into the back pocket the fabric stretched out to make way for the bottle and the waist on his shorts had no choice but to reveal what lay beneath.

As the waistband strained whilst readjusting to accommodate the beer bottle they lowered just enough to reveal the top of his Speedos and luckily for me it was an adjustment that happened several times as Jason moved around the BBQ turning the meat and every time he took a sip at of his beer.

Here are another couple of cheeky photos of Jason and Tom that I managed to capture later on that week.

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