Who’s behind the mask?

I feel I’ve neglected this blog a little over the last year or so and for that I apologize, but life has thrown some very interesting curve balls in the last 18 month, but I’m finally (fingers crossed) coming out of the eye of the storm so to speak. I’ve got a very busy, challenging and exciting year ahead of me, but don’t worry there are Speedos, Cycling Lycra and all other sorts of Lycra packed ready to go!

For the South Korean and American readers, forgive me as you’ve had The Masked Singer on your screens for a while but, it has just landed recently in the UK and it’s been a little bit of a guilty please for me over the last couple of weeks for a couple of reasons.

The first reason is the wearing a mask aspect & secondly the perceptions on how the the genders are perceived in tight costumes.

The contestants that have been unmasked so far, when asked why they took part, the general theme is that they wanted to participate so they could show another side of their talent or show a different side of their personality than how they are perceived when they present themselves doing the thing that made them famous.

I guess it’s human nature to put people into pigeon holes so-to-speak but, I know from my own experience that just because you’ve been successful doing one thing, it might be one of many talents, passions and aspects of your life.

The second aspect is how the different genders costumes have be received and commented on.

The Chameleon who we later found out was the frontman for The Darkness, Justin Hawkins commented when asked about the double standards of the comments fired in his direction about his nethers and whether it was equality to which he replied.

‘Imagine if that was a female contestant and the judges were remarking on a different bulge, like a chest bulge for example. That would not be acceptable.’

The other constestant in a Lycra body suit is Fox (who is yet to be unmasked) and whilst her suit is covered in mirrors there have been no comments about the great body that is underneath.


Besides the Cameleon and Fox, Unicorn (who was unmasked as Jake Shears from Scissor Sisters) had quite a form fitting corset costume, but I wonder if the white material under white corset was a white Lycra bodysuit whether he would have received similar comments that Justin received about his costume.

It seems from some of the performances Jake has done in a Leotard and fishnets he would have been confident enough to pull a white Lycra body suit off!

Interestingly over the winter I’ve noticed the amount of guys wearing tights at the gym or running around the park and 99% of them have shorts over them. Conversely 90% of women will just be in tights and they have been some of those that have been more revealing.

Looking at the way companies market their clothes the majority of companies will have male manequins or models on websites, advetisements and catalogues with shorts over the tights, but there are a few out there that have men in running tights and a t-shirt.

I’m hoping that whilst I’ve seen an increase in the amount of guys now wearing Lycra under their shorts, lets hope it will only be a matter of time that more and more will leave the baggy gym shorts at home.

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