Happy Lycra New Year

Late last year I make a quick trip across the pond to visit an American friend for his Birthday and whilst it was a great break from things here in London I came home with not your average holiday souvenirs!

After a day of flying, I landed early evening and my mate was there to pick me up and we headed straight out to a sports bar for some greasy pub grub and a few beers.

The next day after a chilled morning we headed to the local bar for some college Basketball as my friends College team was playing. As I watched all the screens in the bar that had Basketball on I couldn’t help but notice that the majority of players wore mainly 3/4 or full white compression tights under their shorts which was a fair cry from the short lengths and bare legs I saw on the Harlem Globe Trotters when I was growing up.

The light blue of my friends college Basketball kit really worked well with the white and whilst I sat there with my beer my mind was now just obsessed with white compression tights and wondering what the seen in the locker room would be like.

I had also remembered seeing a few guys at the gym and around London with white tights on under their shorts and I started to wonder if whilst on my stay I might get the opportunity to buy some kit like I was seeing on the TVs above the bar.

Lucky for me, on my final day my friend said he needed to go and run some errands at the local mall so I took the opportunity and tagged along. I managed to find a pretty large Dicks Sports shop and headed off to check out what I could find.

After going through the Nike, UnderArmour and Puma section I wasn’t seeing anything new and to be honest I have most of their tights in my collection already so I was a little disappointed. Towards the end of my search I came across the Adidas section and as I came across a few tops that I really liked, my eyes caught some Blue Lycra.

As I moved across to the rack my heart started to race as the closer I got the different colours and some of the detailing come into view.

As my hands felt the fabric and looked over the the tights I could see some detailing of the classic Adidas logo and three stripe on the side of the calf/shin and feel in love.

Whilst most of the collection has detailing the same colour as the tights the Indigo 3/4 tights have Grey contrast detail which reminds me of the Speedo Logo across the bum of their swim briefs from a couple of years ago.

I grabbed as many pairs of the different colours that I could at the time and thought once I landed in London I would have to head online to see if I could pick up the remainder of this seasons collections that I couldn’t get in the US.

Needless to say between getting home and the New Year I have managed to double my collection of tights and now have a pair of the whole Men’s Adidas collection of tights, shorts and 3/4 Lycra.


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