30 pieces of Lycra!

Would you be able to cull your collection of Speedos, Cycling gear, running tights , Tri suits, compression shorts and other Lycra gear down to just 30 items?

Well it is HARD!

I have however come up with the following items that need a new home:

Eyeline Bondi

Sluggers – Classic – Growlers – Red

Sluggers – DEETEES – Growlers – Green

Sluggers – Classics – Edwin BlueN2N – University Swim Jammer – Navy & Gold

AussieBum – WonderJock Loose 2.5 – Miami

Godfreys Australia Retro Rowing AIO

Godreys Sport Stripe Navy AIO

Gerolsteiner – Nalini – Short Sleeve Cycling Jersey

2XU Mens Performance Tri Suit – Black

Godfreys Classic Navy / White AIO

Speedo Ess Logo 6.5cm Navy Swim Brief

Splish Serpentine Swimming Club Swimming Briefs

Quiksilver Mapool Hawaiian Ocean Mens Swim Brief

Adidas Essence Core 3 Stripe Jammer

KFC Budgie Smugglers – M

KFC Budgie Smugglers – L

Asics L2 Stripe Knee Tights – Greek Gecko

DHB Flashlight Roubaix Bib Tights

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