Photo on the wall

When I was growing up I would always watch the Travel shows on TV and watch the presenters in the Caribbean or the Greek islands with the blue blue waters and dream of one day I would be there. I still love to watch shows about new hotels and travel experiences which has given me an endless list of places to travel to, but you could say I have definitely been bitten by the Travel Bug.

I have seen quite a bit of Santorini lately on social media and it’s taken my mind back to my trip to Santorini almost 10 years ago.

I still have not managed to get to any other Greek Island besides Santorini, but I was very lucky to be offered an opportunity to go to Oia Santorini for a couple days and it was my first experience of staying in a hotel with a pool in such a stunning location. Looking back now since this holiday when I plan a holiday I always try to include hotels with pools.

When I was initially invited all I knew was Santorini, but as time progressed I found out the details of the hotel we were staying at and after a quick google search my eyes almost popped out of my head when I saw the hotel pool.  As soon as I saw it I just knew that I wanted to try and replicate some of the pictures I had seen and I started to plan what pair of Speedos I would wear.

At that stage I might have of had a handful of swimsuits a far cry from the collection I now have and my swimmers of choice for the photos were a pair of AussieBum WJ Loose 2.5 Miami.

Lucky for me we went at the beginning of the season so for most of our stay there were only a few people around and so we had the pool and Jacuzzi to our-self so it was easy to pose for shots and take our time to get them right.

I still look back at those photos every now and then and they transport me back to that feeling of posing on the side of the main infinity pool.

We stayed at Perivolas in Oia and if you ever get the chance to stay there even for one night to swim in that pool it will be an experience you will never forget. When I got home from that trip I had one of the photos blown up and framed and to this day it is still on my wall and it friends always comment on it.

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