Speedos in Tuscany

Have you ever brought a pair of Speedos or piece of clothing know full well before you swiped the credit card that it would never be worn in your everyday life and is purely for a specific time and place even if you’re not sure when that specific time and place might be?

Well for me it was a pair of white Speedos that (some of the regular readers might remember) you voted for when I did a poll a couple of years ago when I went to the Caribbean.

Whilst I did wear them on that trip (read about that here) I originally brought them from the Speedo store in Covent Garden when I went in for some new googles and other kit. When I brought them I knew they would be perfect to be worn on a weekend in Italy maybe on the beach but I had pictured a weekend away with friends in a villa with a pool.

Well after many years of them sitting in the draw still with the tags on and then after wearing them on the Caribbean trip I finally gave up on wearing them in Italy and put them up on Ebay when I was having a clear out.

Well fast forward a year and the villa in Tuscany was booked and whilst it wasn’t on the coast and the pool wasn’t over looking the ocean I felt a tinge of regret that I didn’t have my pair of White Speedos for my Italian fantasy trip.

The trip to Tuscany was for Max’s 40th which I alluded to in the last post about a recent weekend away. I thought after writing about that recent trip I was well over due writing about the trip to Tuscany.

The trip was basically the same people so Max, his wife Lacey, Leo, his girl friend Hannah and myself that I went away with on the last May Bank Holiday weekend. Even though I had known Max and Lacey for many years this would be my first real trip away with them and I met Leo and Hannah at Max and Lacey’s wedding the year before so I was still getting to know them and my first trip away with them as well.

Being that I had a lot on my plate in the lead up to the trip my packing was quite rushed and strangely enough for me I only packed one pair of swimmers and they were my Black Rip Curl Sluggers.

Max, Lacey and I arrived first and after picking up the hire cars and swinging past a supermarket we met the owner of the Villa before settling in for some dinner. Leo and Hannah’s flight was landing about 11.30 so it was a late night trip to pick them up which didn’t leave any time for a swim on the first night.

The villa we had was located at the top of a hill and we had a great view from all the outdoor areas across the valley and even when you were inside it had large floor to ceiling windows which created some great vistas from all of the rooms on the ground floor.

On the first morning when I woke up I lay in bed for a few minutes and couldn’t hear any movement in the house and whilst I wasn’t sure of the exact time I felt that I needed to get up and into the pool. I got out of bed walked over to my bag and pulled my Ripcurl swimmers on and headed for the pool.

As I can down the stairs, I was expecting to possibly see some one on the couch or out by the pool, but the villa was empty and so everyone was either still sleeping or just chilling in their room.

After diving into the pool which was quite fresh I swam around for a while and was just enjoying the water and the view. It was just a great time of morning and I’m not sure whether I was in there longer than I realized, but after a little while Hannah appeared from the villa. To honest I was a little startled and I instantly become very aware and self conscious that I was in the pool in just my Speedos.

Thinking back on it now as I’m writing this it was silly because it was like I had been caught skinny dipping, but it was great in hind sight as it set the tone for the weekend. I tried to encourage Hannah to come for a swim but she just ended up sitting on the side of the pool whilst I did another couple of laps and then we just chatted for a little bit.

After a little while longer I got out of the pool and grabbed the towel that I brought down with me and started to dry myself off. We both headed in to the kitchen to start to get some coffee and breakfast on. Despite feeling very self conscious when Hannah initially come out to the pool when we got to the kitchen I ended up just throwing my towel over the back of the chair which left me just in my Rip Curl Sluggos and I started to get some coffee on whilst Hannah started to get some breakfast on.

It was all very natural and as Hannah and I continued to get breakfast started I didn’t give it a second thought and as people started to come downstairs it must have been an interesting scene as they came through the dinning room to see me just in a pair of Speedos cooking breakfast.

Later that day after doing another trip to the shops and a bit of a tour around the local villages everyone ended up around the pool again and after having my Speedos on earlier I just went back into them whilst Max & Leo were in their dork shorts.

Up until this stage, I had only know Leo for just over a year and so wasn’t sure whether he had ever worn Speedos or wore anything but dork shorts when swimming. Max however, I had been in a pool with before and on that occasion he had worn his dork shorts, although there was a photo of him on his Facebook profile from many years ago when he was in Tenerife and was wearing a pair of Blue Speedos.

After seeing the photo on Facebook I was intrigued and manage a couple of times to work Speedos into the conversation and from his reaction the Blue Speedos on his Facebook were worn only under his board shorts and after a few drinks that particular night he and his mate had stripped down for the photo.

At one point after we had been out by the pool, Max made an out of the blue comment, that if he’d know I was going to be in just my Speedos he could’ve just worn just his tight trunks which he had under his board shorts.

I asked what type he had on and without hesitation he turned down the waist band of his board shorts to reveal the waist band of his “Bonds swimmers” and as I hadn’t heard of this brand of swim wear I questioned him as to whether they were actually swimmers or just Lycra boxer / jocks.  He insisted that they were swimmers so I replied with something to the effect that he’s got nothing to worry about and shouldn’t have bothered about putting his board shorts over them.

Nothing more was said about it and we continued on with hanging around the pool.

At one point later on I was over chatting to Hannah on the other side of the pool and when we turned around Max was swimming towards us in just his Blue Bonds Swimmers.

To this day I’m still not sure what possessed him to take his board shorts off but for that moment he seemed comfortable and confident enough to be swimming in just his “Bonds Speedos”.


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