Long weekend Lycra

Last weekend Max, his wife Lacey, Leo, his girl friend Hannah & I went away for the final May long weekend.

We all flew in on the Thursday at different times so whilst I picked the hotel with an amazing roof top pool and wore my Blue Koi Sluggers under my jeans, I missed the pool closing time by about 30 mins so hitting the pool would have to wait till the morning.

On Friday after breakfast and a morning swim we jumped in the hire car and headed off to get the ferry to head over to another island where we had a Villa for the rest of the weekend.

After meeting the owner of the Villa and getting the local recommendations we headed off to the local beach for lunch and whilst the original plan was to split up for food shopping and a couple of us were going to head back to the Villa to get things organised, after lunch there was a change of plans to take the long way home and check out a  few of the local sights.

We ended up at the beach that owner of the Villa has said was the best on this side of the island. The beach (pictured below) was down a steep set of stairs and whilst we only initially looked at it from the top of the cliff Hannah was very keen on heading down for a swim despite none of us bringing our towels or appropriate swimming kit.

That morning I showered after the swim at the hotel earlier and I had just put on some white board shorts with no Speedos or boxers so whilst I was disappointed not to be wearing Speedos in this amazing place, I knew when I got out after my swim my wet board shorts would be showing a lot more than any Speedo would.

Whilst we were chatting at the top of the cliff before heading down, I had mentioned to Max that I had only got my see thru board shorts on and Max had said the only thing he had to swim in was a pair of tight boxer swimmers. Whilst I tried to reassure him and said he had nothing to worry about it, he was worried about people of his manhood once they got wet.

After a bit of chatting we headed for the stairs then once at the bottom, stripped down and headed into the water.

Lacey didn’t want to go swimming so sat on the beach whilst the rest of us were swimming, Hannah had stripped down to her underwear whilst Leo just swam in his shorts and boxers.

Max is from Australia and used to play a high level of basketball so as you can imagine has a very tall lean body. Last year whilst in Italy (which I still need to do a blog post about) Max first took his board shorts off in the pool to reveal a similar pair to the black pair of Lycra trunks he was now wearing.

They were a Bonds brand which is an Australia underwear company so I was a little confused as to whether they were actually swimmers or just Lycra boxers.

None the less it was great to see him strip down to them, but also interesting to see how self conscious he was with less than dork shorts on.


After we had our swim we sat on the rocks for a little bit and whilst I was making sure that my board shorts weren’t clinging to any important bits I had a great view of Hannah sitting drying in her sports underwear.

Max was sitting right in front of me which gave me a great view of his Bonds. They were a very shiny Black Lycra and whilst Max had nothing to worry about the cut of the pouch certainly was quite defined whilst the rest of the Lycra clung closely to his legs, hips and butt.

As we sat there soaking up the sun I also had a great view of everyone coming in and out of the water and so far the only Lycra type of swimwear on a guy I had seen was on Max sitting in front of me.

After about 5 minutes sitting there I spotted a guy coming out of the water and to my delight as he come further up out of the water I noticed that he was wearing a pair of three stripe Adidas swimming briefs.

Whilst I have a couple of pairs of the white and black pair this guy’s pair had neon stripes on instead of the classic white.

The guy had a spot up a little further up the beach so after he had walked past our group I lost sight of these great looking swimmers.

We dried off pretty quickly sitting in the sun and once we had got back to the car we were pretty much dry.

When we were picking the Villa I was very keen to make sure that we had a great pool and I wasn’t disappointed, whilst it wasn’t an infinity pool our Villa had three terraces with the bottom and pool deck had a view straight out over the ocean so once we got back to the Villa I headed straight up stairs and changed into my Eyeline Bondi Speedos (which were the other pair to the Blue Koi Sluggers) that I had packed for this trip.

I headed straight for the pool and spent the majority of that evening just in my Speedos whilst the girls were in Bikinis and Max & Leo changed into board shorts once they had got back from the shopping trip.

For the next couple of days my Speedos didn’t really leave the pool area as after dinner and a lot of booze I ended up skinny dipping so headed up to bed with just a towel wrap around me.

On the Saturday when I woke up I headed down to the pool with the towel wrapped around me and headed over to wear my Bondi Speedos had ended up from the night before and slipped them on under my towel before jumping in the pool.

I was in the pool for a while and no one else had come out yet so when I decided to head inside for some breakfast I rinsed off in the outdoor shower and then hung my Speedos and towel up to dry off and made a dash for room.

Saturday was another great day on the island and we got back from a few of the pubs at about 2am so when I got up in the morning I was able to head straight down to the pool for another morning swim, but this time I pulled on some board shorts as my towel and Speedos were still down there.

I found my Blue Koi Speedos hanging on one of the taps of the outdoor shower so slipped into them.

On the final full day we headed across to another island and for this trip I was better prepared with my board shorts on over my Bondi Speedos so I was in my element when after our hike we came to a lagoon and all jumped in.

This time both Hannah and Lacey had their bikinis on, whilst Max & Leo stayed in their board shorts (Max with his Bonds Lycra Boxers on underneath).

When we got back to the villa we all drank and spent the night out around the pool drinking, whilst there was no skinny dipping this time we were in and out of the pool late into the night.

On the final morning I came down to the pool before everyone else and found Max’s board shorts and Bonds Lycra boxers hanging next to my Blue Koi Sluggers.

I grabbed my Bondi Speedos and went for a swim but I couldn’t help being fascinated as Max & my swimmers blew in the light sea breeze on the line next to the pool.

After a couple of minutes in the pool I thought I would grab my phone to try and capture a bit of video for here.

After grabbing my phone still just in my Bondi Speedos I headed over to the clothes line and whilst I wanted to touch the fabric and take them off the line and have a good look at them I was very conscious that the terrace of Leo & Hannah’s room over looked to pool terrace and that Max or Lacey could be coming out of the villa at any moment so I had to try and control myself.

I managed to get a quick feel of the fabric and take a photo before I heard Lacey say “Good Morning” as she came out onto the pool terrace.

Caught red handed, but luckily my back was to the door so I tried to make it look like I was adjusting the camera settings on my phone and a second later I turned out toward the ocean and took some fake pictures to try and compose myself before I turned around to face Lacey.

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