Grey the new Black

There is Rule #14 in “The Rules” by Velominati that says “Shorts should be Black”, well just like there are 50 shades of grey I think this seasons interpretation of Black is Grey!

I had thought this week following last week’s blog post on what new suits I would purchase this summer, I would do the same for cycling kit, but I’ve seen a lot of photo’s on my Instagram feed and I think I would struggle again to get a top 5 of Cycling Bib’s and Jerseys

With all of the guys I cycle with over the last couple of years I have only seen two guys move away from classic plain black bib shorts and that was Mike who moved from classic black to Navy and Oscar to Black with Blue detailing, Whilst this might not seem a major shift over the last year I have seen a lot more Navy out on the roads of London

Last year the offering from several Cycling companies seemed to include a Black and then a Navy option and if I didn’t already have a draw full of Kit (some of it still with tags on) I would have got the credit card out for a pair of Pedal Mafia Navy & Olive Tack Bibs (pictured below).

Pedal Mafia Navy & Olive Tech Bib

This year there seems to be a big move to have a standard Black, Navy & Grey as the colour choices for Men’s bib. I think I have written previously how I have purchased grey running tights or swimming trunks because I have seen guys at the pool or out running wearing Grey Lycra and I’ve always just loved how it moves with the light and in the case of swimmers how it reacts when wet.

So I’m very happy with this trend to offer more Grey options and here are some of my favourite Grey Bibs on offer this season.



The question now is will I be the only one in my group where Grey Bibs this summer?



Here are some of my favourite Cycling Clothing brand links;

Cafe du Cycliste


la Passione Cycling couture



Pedal Mafia

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