Top 5 (or maybe 6) suits I’d purchase for UK Summer 2019

We’ve had quite a few false starts to summer so far here in the UK so living ever hopeful as I do, I’m sure we’re almost there!

Whilst I trying to be good and not add to my rather large Swim & Lycra collection, that doesn’t stop me from window shopping and I thought do a fantasy list of the suits that I would buy for this Summer.

I’ve added a list of websites that I normally visit and this year I was quite impressed with the amount of Lycra swimwear on the Rip Curl site. They call them “Sluggos” and for the regular readers amongst you will know that I have about 10 pairs of Rip Curl Sluggos and I love wearing them. Although in saying that one thing that has annoyed me in the past is when you check their website as well as other surf brands like Billabong and Quicksilver for instance they never show Lycra swim wear only boardshorts, but as I have in the past you can find their Lycra swim Sluggos in shop or sport shop websites.

So here are the my top five suits (oops there are actually 6) that if my credit card would allow would have been purchased today.

AussieBum Surf 2.5 Ocean

I love these are they are they have the wider waste and whilst similar to to suits like the Noosa for instance, they just look like a relaxed comfy suit which I could wear under my wetsuit and it doesn’t look to showy or try hard.



Arena Men’s Team Stripe Dark Blue

I’ve always liked the classic arena swimwear and I have had a couple of different pair over the years, this suit with the white trim all feels retro and the logo trim creates great lines on the side.






Arena Men’s Team Fit Brief

Another retro suit from Arena which comes in 6 colours and I would happily wear all 6 colours. This is just classic Arena and I guess as Blue is my favourite colour I would have to get this colour, but it would take all my will power not to add the Tangerine and Bali Green to the order!







Ca-Rio-Ca Sun Drops Sunga


I just love these as they have the gradient colour design and then when up close you can see the water drop design over that. Personally I love the Brief cut so once again this was a struggle to write this with out clicking the BUY button.

Ron Dorff Horizontal Thin Stripes


I have yet to buy a pair of the Ron Dorff trunks, but have been looking at them on their website for a year or so. The price tag is £90 so would love to have a pair to see how they feel on.

All of Ron Dorff trunks are all very classic and high end resort type designs and once again I would probably want all three colour choices in my luggage.

Rip Curl Slippo Corpo


These were my top pick in the Rip Curl Range for this year and I would happily pack all three colours of the Slippo Corpo but once again I would have to opt for this Blue if I was pressed.

I would also love to have one in each of the four colours of the Corpo Sluggo (especially the Army & Bleach Blue)




Websites I usually visit:


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