Was your Dad a Speedo Dad?

I was flicking through my Instagram feed this morning and came across this picture posted of @adbutler and wished there was a virtual high five button I could have clicked not just a “Like” button.

I think from memory I started to follow @adbutler’s Instagram a while back after some of his posts were re-posted on @menwearsluggers feed and since then I’ve noticed that his Sluggers are always a staple in his suitcase despite the location.

Last week I posted a blog “Do you remember your first Speedo?” and thank you to all of you who have sent comments and DMs it has been really great to hear about everyone’s own experience, but I guess for me when I see a photo like the one above I am a bit jealous because when I was growing up if Speedos were talked about it would always be in a negative context.

Thinking about it now, as a kid even though the conversation was about the Speedo, I think (for me at least) it became more than that and the message was that your body should be covered up and there was something wrong with you if you wanted to wear something that as I remember my mother saying one day at the beach “leaves nothing to the imagination”.

For many years I felt there was something wrong with me because I just had this desire to wear Speedos and even after getting a pair was only comfortable to wear them without dork shorts was when I went to the beach or pool by myself and I knew none of my friends or family were around.

Fast forward to current day and as you know from reading this blog I have in excess of 50 pairs (Sluggers, AussieBums and other brands) of Speedos, I always have at least a pair with me in my carry on luggage and can find me most days coming out of a change room at the pool.

Thinking back over the last couple of years whether I have been on holidays by myself or with friends, I am generally the only one around the pool in a Speedo and I’ve got the stage that if some one is so intent on making a comment then it is more of a comment about the way they feel or view their own body.

Interestingly whilst thinking about this, my mind goes back to the “Speedo Free zone Stag Do” that I went to and when “abiding by the rules” I wore board shorts on the 1st day, but still received a lot of negative comments when they showed off a lot more than pair of Speedos I left up in my bag ever could.

So whilst this has been my journey to being confident in my own skin it makes me aware of (in my case) how my nephews and niece will pick up on those same messages that I did as a kid.

Whilst this is of course a blog about Lycra, (be it Speedos, running tights or cycling gear) for me looking at that post and the ones below, it’s more about the fabric of article of clothing that make them such positive and confident images, that says a lot about being confident in your own skin.

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