Do you remember your first pair of Speedos?

Whilst scrolling through my Instagram feed this week, I came across this photo posted by @photawgrapher with the caption of “His First Speedo” which got me thinking do you remember you’re first Speedo?

Young guy gets his first pair of Speedos

I certainly do, well if I’m totally honest the pair of Speedos that I started writing about in this blog, were my second pair and my first ever pair was a navy-blue pair, but I’m not sure I’m ready to admit how I came about them just yet!

So, lets start that again with the story of buying my first pair of Speedos (which were actually my second pair) when I was about 16 or 17.

I had been working a part-time job after school and so had started to get a bit cash that I could use the way I wanted and so there was the first bike which was with my own money (which was a red racing bike) and then my first record (which was Dire Straits), maybe not in that order but you get my drift.

Up until that stage when we went shopping for swim shorts there was never any option it was straight to the dork shorts section and I had to select a pair from them. The only time that it deviated for me or my brother was when my brother joined the Army and on his lists of things to pack for training camp was Speedos.

I headed down to the local sports shop and I must of been nervous about going in as I remember it was a really quiet day and time of day so when I went into the shop there was no one else there just the guy that had run the store for as long as I could remember.

After saying “Hi” when coming in the guy left me to browse. I didn’t feel confident enough to go straight to the Speedos, even though I knew exactly what I wanted I couldn’t go straight up to the rack, but had to look around at a few other items to try and make it not so obvious.

In my mind I was going to get a black pair as they felt the safest colour and in those days the sides were higher cut than today, so with that and also seeing a magazine with a celebrity in almost a string, posing style Speedo earlier that was my goal.

After looking through the Speedo rack for a little bit the guy that owned the store come up and asked “Do you need a hand with sizes or anything?” and with that despite being nervous as hell I blurted out, “There are just so many styles to choose from and I haven’t brought any before”.

He didn’t flinch and just launched into asking me what size shorts I wore and then pulled out a couple of different pairs and then pointed up to change rooms and said it was better to try them.

Within that minute of having this guy come over and help, put me at ease and took the taboo of owning a pair of Speedos.

I headed off to the change rooms and as this was a small store the change room was about the size of a telephone box with a curtain that pulled across. The guy gave me a minute to change before coming to ask “How u getting on?”.



I couldn’t tell you how many pairs of Speedos I tried on that day but, the guy that owned the shop was just so chilled about things which made everything so normal / comfortable and whilst I had thought I would have been embarrassed to come out of the change room in a pair of Speedos, I tried several pairs on and even come out and stood in front of the sales guy and mirror whilst he asked whether I liked them and how they fitted.

Whilst I didn’t move away from the colour Black I ended up walking out of the store with a pair pretty similar to the ones below.

These were the first pair I had worn out in public to the beach and a couple of times at friend’s pools but, they were mainly worn under dork shorts for the next couple of years whilst I built my confidence. As you can probably tell from this blog I now have no problems with just wearing a Speedo at the beach and wear just them daily at the local pool.

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