Early birds gets the worm….

In November last year I did a work trip across Asia with a quick touch down in Australia before another couple of days in Asia before coming back to London. The trip was pretty packed with a lot of photo shoots which had early call times so add that to the travelling it didn’t feel like I really got a full nights sleep for about a week.

The final day in Australia started well before 5 am as the last photo shoot there was on the beach and we were trying to get the right light and so forth. When we arrived at the beach that morning the car park was reasonably empty but over the first two sessions in different locations the early birds were flocking in.

So around 6 am we had a little bit of a break whilst equipment was moved to the next and final location (down on the sand), which gave me a moment or two to get my iPhone out and take a few photos and take in the scenery.

I was in a pretty good vantage point on the rocks and was able to see all the people swimming just in front of the surf club. As I watched I was amazed at how many guys right across the age spectrum and body types were wearing Speedos, which was in stark contrast to the day I had in Bondi earlier this year.

As I watched I firstly noticed a guy on the beach in some red Speedos which I later found out was the local club Speedos for the beach that we were at. After zipping up his bag which he left on his towel he grabbed his goggles and swimming cap and headed out into the water.

After heading out through the break I lost sight of him but I later found out that he swam up to other rocky outcrop and then run down the beach and repeated this several times.

Then a bit later I glance over back over towards the sand and realised that there was another guy that had come down stripping down to his Speedo and heading out to the water with his girlfriend. 

Finally and definitely one of the highlights of the morning spent on the beach was this guy below. I am not sure whether he had been working out in the club house gym or had come directly from the car park but when I noticed this guy he was just in his Navy Speedos on the sand just about to head down into the water.

What I first noticed about this guy was while he looked quietly confident in his Navy Speedos you could clearly see that he had a board short tan so I gathered that maybe this early morning swim by himself is the only time he wore his Speedo.

Watching him walk out into the surf you could see there was a little shyness or uncertainty in his body language which was quite endearing, but as he got further out the waves crashed further up his thighs until he took a shallow dive through one of the larger waves and that is when the transformation happened.

The guy that emerged was one that now looked confident in his surrounding and after submerging himself and his Speedos the Lycra material really started to shine and shimmer in the morning sun as it stretched across his behind. I just looked in awe once again at how just adding water to the Navy Lycra could bring it to life.

I watched for as long as I could whilst he body surfed in the waves and every time he would turn around to head back out for the next wave the sun would make the wet Navy Lycra shimmer as it stretched across his bum.

I lost track of him in the surf and I was having to get back to the next piece of the shoot, but luckily when the next chance came to look out I managed to spot him as he was heading back to the beach, but what I noticed was that his Speedos were not sitting level across his waist and that not only was the Lycra doing such a great job of stretched and clinging to this guys body but whilst he was body surfing it also had to fight against the surging water that was rushing through it and across his body.

What was great to see as he came out of the water and started to run up the beach, was how amazing this little piece of fabric now fully soaked with sea water had been engineered to fit so snugly when dry but fight against the movement of his body and the surging surf to stay in place.

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