Lycra garage sale……. Take three

I’ve just come back for a crazy couple of weeks of photo shots and travels and surprisingly whilst I was travelling through out Asia and a quick touch down in  Australia I only actually only packed three pairs of Speedos.

For those who have been reading this blog you’ll know I usually take about a weeks worth of Lycra so it was a bit of a strange decision but also quite good as it was just a matter of grabbing a pair of Speedos and heading out to the pool or beach.

On the flight home as I was making plans for the next couple of months and I got to thinking that whilst I have been very good and only purchased 5 or 6 new pairs of Speedos and a new pair of bib shorts I thought that it might be good to get home and have another attempt to do a spring clean of one of the main Speedo draws.

To be honest I don’t know how many Speedos, let alone tights, shorts and cycling bibs I own but they certainly don’t fit into one draw and in a couple of suit cases. I decided then that would set myself a challenge to go through the main draw (which I go to when packing a bag for swimming) and get the collection down to 31 pairs.

How easy would this be for you?

Well I did ok and whilst I didn’t quite achieve the 31 pairs I did manage to get a pile which I’m willing to let go. As you can imagine a couple of those pairs have snuck back into the draw as I started to photograph them but I can happily report that there are about 45ish pairs in that draw.

So here are the links to the suits that have been put up on Ebay as it would make me feel better about this if they went to another Lycra fan that will give them a good home.

AussieBum Classic Loose 2.5 Blue Noosa

AussieBum WonderJock Loose 2.5 Broome

 QuickSIlver Mens Swim Shorts MAPOOL Swimming Trunks Backprint


AussieBum WonderJock Loose 2.5 Mittagong Swimming Briefs IS_bjkloose_mittagong_1

AussieBum Classic 1.5 Red Swimming Briefs traje-de-bano-wj-loose-25-logo-aussiebum-D_NQ_NP_873925-MLM25511707054_042017-F

KFC Youth Foundation Bowtie budgiesSetRatioSizeWyI2MzUiLCI4OTYiXQ-KFC-surfboard

AussieBum Classic 2.5 Forest Swimming Briefs FO_02FOREST

AussieBum WonderJock Loose 2.5 Freshwater Swimming Briefs product_4906

Item picture AussieBum Classic Wonderjock 2.5 Red Swimming BriefsAussiebum-Classic-15-Swim-Briefs-trunks-Red-Size-_57AussieBum Classic 1.5 Sleet Swimming Briefs 1.5SLEE_01SLEET

Speedo Endurance Mens’ Swimming

Ca-Rio-Ca Low Rise Mango Brazilian Sunga Swimwear

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