Hair and Lycra.

I’m off to a wedding this weekend so in preparation I booked in for a visit to get my hair cut. I know some of my mates just rock up to any barber when that time comes but throughout my life I have had 4 main barber and during those periods when I haven’t  had a barber and have to use a new place I have had a very mixed bag of results.

My current barber is awesome, so I’m very confident when I sit down and say “just the usual tidy up” that he is going to tame the chlorine and weather damaged mess on my head.

I’ve never been to see him after the office and before after work beers, so it was a bit of a different vibe when I walked in last night. They took my jacket and I sat down to wait as I couldn’t see my guy in his usual area, but I didn’t worry as a few Whatsapp messages came through so grabbed my phone and started to reply to the guys I was meeting for a beer around the corner.

My guy appeared after a couple of minutes and we shook hands and headed over to his station.

The barbers shop is pretty much a rectangle with full length windows down one long and one short side of the room. My barber’s usual station is on the long wall basically in the middle of the room but now I was sitting in a chair in the middle station of three which sit on the short wall at the far end of the room.

As I sit there and look in the mirror in front of me I am basically looking down the length of the room and had the best sit in the house to watch everything going on in the room.

The haircut was pretty no eventful and as my barber grabbed the mirror to show me the back my attention was instantly drawn to the reflection of a Lycra clad cyclist coming through the shop door.

This cyclists was fully kitted out in a dark green Rapha Cycling Jacket and black Asos bib shorts and was either running late or his barber didn’t have a previous appointment as with in a few steps in the door he was greeted and being lead over one of the barber chairs along the long main wall of the shop.

I had a hard time trying to focus on continuing to chat to my barber and luckily for me I had mentioned that I was going out for beers with the boys after so my barber had put the mirror away and proceeded to put some product and style my hair so it was pub ready.

My attention didn’t really come off this Lycra clad commuter that had stopped in for a quick short back and sides but as I watched him walk across the shop to the barbers chair I couldn’t believe my eyes when he stopped,  turned to head back over to the jacket rack.

Don’t get me wrong I was very happy to be seeing what was in the mirror but I thought it was a bit of a strange thing to wear to the barbers and I personally would feel very self conscious turning up to have my hair cut in my full Lycra cycling kit.

As I watched him walk back to the jacket rack I watched as he started to unzip and start to take off his jacket and as I watched I was expecting to see a cycling jersey being revealed but as he peeled his jacket off I had to keep my composure as my guy was just finishing up.

As my guy walked over to grab a hot towel to finish tidying everything up I had an unobstructed view of this guy walking across the centre of the barber shop in his black Asos bib shorts and just a white Helly Hansen white base layer shirt underneath.

Blue 360 Asos bibs

As he walked across to the barbers chair this guy exuded confidence and seemed totally comfortable with his body and his cycling Lycra fitted him like a second skin.

At this stage I was just so engrossed watching this unfold in front of my eyes and drank in every moment as once he sat in that chair this vision would be gone.

After he had sat in the barber chair I was able to bring my focus back into finishing up chatting to my guy and heading off to drink with the boys, but out of the corner of eye I could see this guy’s barber unlock the base of the chair and turn it around and lay it back so he could wash this Lycra clad cyclists hair.

I wondered at this point was this guy an exhibitionist or had he thought wearing cycling kit to the barbers through as he was not shuffling his Lycra clad arse a little in the barbers chair as the back was laid down and he was reclining onto the neck rest on the sink getting ready to have his hair washed.

I was still facing the mirror and chatting to my barber but I knew that behind me in the middle of this room was this guy reclining back into a sink just in tight black Lycra bib shorts and in a very exposed position.

As I got up out of my chair and turned to the middle of room the view that greeted me did not disappoint.

Reclining Bibs

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