I have a question……

So it is Friday evening at 11.55 and I have just arrived home.

I have been out having a few drinks with the crew as it was a special occasion as some special people were in town so everyone made the effort to turn up.

However, as I was on the bus home I saw a guy riding his bike at 11 in the evening and he was wearing a street shirt on top but there was no denying that he was wearing 3/4 bibs as he cycled by.

He reminded me so much of Chris in his 3/4 Bibs and I know how much Chris protests that he never wears Lycra on his commute.

So for those who commute into work in Lycra on a night like tonight;
1) do you leave the bike at work;
2) do you go out and then pop back to the office to change into your Lycra then ride home;
3) do you change into your cycling Lycra and head out to the pub and then strip down when unlocking the bike?

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  1. I’m one of those people who have gone out after work in full kit, but I’ve also done #3 depending on the venue. I’ve gotten take away from 4-5 star restaurants on my way home also in my kit. Nothing like laundry day and the only thing clean is your CX skin to wear to and from work, but that’s a different story.


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