Monday nights are Speedo nights…..

It has been a cracking summer so far here in London and whilst I’m working almost 7 days a week at the moment one part of my week that I can’t miss is Water Polo and post match beers on Monday nights. Unfortunately tomorrow night is the last one before it moves back indoors.

For the regular readers you will remember my last post was about post Water Polo beers and the subsequent Lycra show that RJ gave us (you can read more about that here). Well I mentioned in that post I was eagerly awaiting Monday night and finding out whether RJ was going to be sporting smaller Speedos to get in more of the photos of the evening.

After heading into change and pulling my Speedos on, I headed out to the pool and started to walk around to the other end of the pool to where the goals are and we leave our bags. As I walked the length of the pool my eyes were scanning the group to see if I could spot RJ but alas my heart sunk as I couldn’t see him just yet.

I put my bag down and had a quick chat to everyone before heading off to set the goals up at the other end of the pool.

After setting the goals up I headed back over to the group and I was very happy to see that RJ had now appeared, unfortunately though he hadn’t taken his own advise and come in smaller Speedos. I’ll be honest and tell you that after writing the last post curiosity got the better of me and I did a bit of Facebook stalking and from the photo’s I could find RJ wore plan black Speedo Jammers similar to Mike.

Below is as close a picture of what RJ looks line in his black Speedo Jammers that I could find to show you.

There wasn’t much chance at this stage to chat so a quick Hi and we were putting on our caps and jumping into the pool.

After the game I ended up being on the closest side of the pool to our bags so whilst I was very keen to get changed and get to the pub to chat more to RJ everyone had rushed off quickly so I thought I’d better help to pack up one of the goals.

I had lost track of where RJ was and just assumed that he had grabbed his bag and headed for the showers, but as I was packing the goals up I happened to look up as was surprised to see RJ walking around from the other side of the pool.

I had gone back to packing up the goals and whilst I had assumed RJ would head over to get his bag and head for the showers. I was more than a little surprised then when I looked up a minute or so later to see I was now eye level with RJ’s wet lycra covered crotch as he asked me if I needed a hand to pack that goals away.

Unlike the previous week when there was a pad in his bib shorts for RJ to tuck himself behind this week the wet black Lycra of his Speedo Jammers wrapped tightly around his body made it clear to see that he was dressed to the left.

I finished packing the goals up whilst RJ grabbed his bag and headed for the showers.

After putting my bag down on the closest bit of free bench I headed to the showers only to find all of the shower heads occupied with RJ in his soaking wet Jammers under the middle one. I stood in the door way to the showers chatting to a few of the guys whilst waiting for a shower to become free.

After his shower RJ headed back out into the change room and I jumped under the shower.

A few minutes later I now had my wet Speedo in my hand as I walked out into the main change room and after grabbing my towel off the hook I headed over to the spinner to spin the excess water out of my Speedos.

I was starting to thing that this night was just getting just a little to coincidental like the previous night at the pub, because standing next to the spinner RJ was getting changed and as I stood there naked holding the lid down with my Speedos spinning noisely in the machine I had a perfectly clear view of RJ stepping into and sliding his cycling bib shorts up.

Unlike earlier when he was wearing the same Jammers from previous weeks, tonight as I watched him RJ pulled up a vintage looking pair of Cinelli cycling bib shorts. There were basic black with an orange stripe down the side of each leg with Cinelli written down each leg.

The bib shorts looked really great on RJ and after I got home that night I tried to find them online but I concluded that these must be one of his favorite pair from years back.

Once again RJ pulled his bib shorts up and left the straps hand from his waist and from what I saw earlier and watching now he was certainly making sure that he was tucking himself behind the pad.

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