Water Polo, Beer and a Lycra Tease……

Whilst heading to water polo last Monday night I was so looking forward to pulling on my Speedos and jumping into the pool which was going to be refreshing after a 30 degree day in the city. It was another busy night in the pool and the workout was well needed.

After the final whistle it was time to get changed and off to the pub to re-hydrate.

After packing the goals up on the far side I was one of the last to head to the change rooms but as I walked down the side of the pool I noticed Mike and one of the other guys having their showers under the outdoor showers.

As I approached I asked if the showers inside were working and Mike replied “there are so many guys in there you’d be waiting a while for a shower”. I rinsed myself off quickly under the outdoor showers but my towel wasn’t big enough to wrap around and change so I headed into the change room and squeezed myself onto a small spot at the end of the bench to get dry and change.

Mike wasn’t wrong the change room was packed and standing room only as everyone dried off and changed, I got changed as quickly as possible and heading out for the pub.

There has been such an increase in the amount of guys and girls playing water polo that there are some faces I recognize but a lot I don’t. After sorting out the first round of beers I headed outside to drop beers off and ended chatting to Mike and a couple of guys, but there was one guy that was to my right that I had seen at a few session over the last couple of years, but really hadn’t had much of a chat to him so let’s call him RJ.

As I approached the group I noticed that he was wearing a pair of black Lycra cycling shorts with a Navy Henley Hanson T-shirt over the top. He was about my height, I would say early to mid twenties but very lean with short curly shaggy brown hair. He reminded me of Tim who wears bike shorts instead of bib shorts so I had assumed standing there that since his t-shirt was a little loose and I couldn’t make out any straps that the Lycra shorts would be just shorts rather bibs.

Whilst we were standing drinking MIke had his camera out as it was uploading the photos that he taken of the earlier session when he wasn’t in the pool. Some one then mentioned that it’s interesting how the guy that usually take the photos seems to spend the whole session snapping away but we only see a hand full of these make them up to Instagram or Facebook so we all wondered what happens to the rest of the photos.

With a bit of joking about the other photos being for his private collection, RJ commented that he will have to start to wear a smaller pair of Speedos to make sure that he gets into more of the photos. With this comment my brain started to try and remember what he was wearing earlier that night in the pool but my mind came up with a blank.

That conversation came and went and after a while and I had forgotten about RJ’s bike shorts next to me until one of the guys said to RJ “That’s an interesting place to keep your phone”, with that all of our eyes turned towards RJ and whilst my eyes started scanning him from his shoulders down, it wasn’t until my eyes were looking at his Lycra covered thighs that I realised that the comment was really about where he had put his phone whilst we were chatting and drinking our beers; and not an innuendo about what he might be hiding in behind the pad in his shorts.

Whilst we had been chatting RJ must have slipped his iPhone up under his right leg of his shorts as we all could now see the bulge of  his iPhone under the black Lycra as it pressed his phone against his right thigh. Mike proceeded to ask “Do you keep it there whilst you’re riding?” and RJ replied “Yes, the bottom of the shorts grips quite tightly which keeps it in, if it were to slip”.

With in about the space of 10-15 minutes RJ had now mentioned that he needed to wear smaller Speedos and we’ve all had a look at his Lycra cycling shorts and whilst his T-shirt fell low enough I did get enough of a glimpse to notice that he had made sure that he was tucked in behind the padding in the shorts.

The same guy that had mentioned the positioning of RJ’s phone then proceeded to tell a story about one if his clients wearing a full body catsuit into a meeting and then to her own office after that. Later in the day however when his client had a comfort break and went to return to the office she found that the zipper had broken and had to do a whip around the office for clothes to be able to come out of the bathroom.

That in itself was usual pub chat, but then RJ put his pint down on the table asked whether the catsuit looked a bit like this and with that lifted his t-shirt which revealed the full front of his black Lycra cycling shorts. It also revealed that my earlier assumption that they were just shorts was wrong and they were in actual fact bib shorts as the straps were tucked into the waist.

As we all stood there watching him, his t-shirt held up, he proceeded to pull the straps of his bib shorts out from where he had tucked them in earlier and pull them up over his shoulders trapping his Navy t-shirt between the black Lycra and his torso.

I was in disbelief that this was happening as now RJ was standing in front of us in his black bib shorts with nothing covering any part of them and it was an amazing view as they were tight and fitted him perfectly. If he hadn’t been so careful as to tuck himself in behind the pad we would have been able to see which way he dressed.

Whilst I had probably seen more of RJ in his Speedos during water polo it was just amazing to see the Lycra so tight against his thighs and then as it made it’s way up his body it was very evident that it was Lycra on skin with  nothing in between interrupting the Lycra as it pressed against his skin as it continued up over the pad and up against his abs until it separated up into the straps.

One of the other guys asked what type of shorts these were as he said he usually just cycles with football shorts under his outer shorts. The cyclist in the group were a bit surprised he hadn’t seen bib shorts before but we all vouched for them to which he replied “But why the straps?”.

RJ said “it’s so they don’t ride down when you’re bent forward on your bike” and with out further comment he turned towards me (side on to the group) and proceeded to squat a little and bend forward like the position whilst cycling. I could only imagine the view that the guys opposite me were now getting.

After a few moments in that position RJ stood up, grabbed his beer and returned to facing the group. There were a few more comments from the cyclist in the group that the bib shorts have padding in them. RJ was still standing there with his t-shirt lifted up and tucked in under his bib shorts straps and it was very evident where the pad was.

RJ didn’t seem to be in any rush to pull the straps down from off his shoulders which would allow is t-shirt to fall back into place and stood there for another minute or so.

I can’t remember during that time what the question was or even if there was a question but the next thing I heard was RJ say “you can touch it if you want!”

Tomorrow night at water polo I’m going to have to keep a keen eye on RJ to see if he comes in smaller Speedos and chat to him again to see if this was a random conversation or whether he is a fellow lover of Lycra.


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