An afternoon on Bondi

I had a meeting in Sydney recently and whilst I would have loved to have spent a week my schedule only allowed a 48 hour fly by visit. I landed Monday lunch time and got through the airport and headed to my central city hotel which had an amazing roof top pool but that would have to wait until later.

I was meeting a friend later that evening when they had finished their meetings so until then I wasn’t going to miss my opportunity to head to Bondi for a couple of hours. I had worn a pair of Speedos under my jeans on the flight so all that was left to do once I was in my room was to change out of my jeans into a pair of shorts and head out.

After being dropped off I thought I’d take a quick stroll up towards North Bondi and see where the best place would be to jump in for a quick dip. As I walked up along the beach I wasn’t seeing any Speedos at all. I continued walking to almost the North Bondi Surf Club building before I saw one of the senior guys (wearing a pair of wine coloured Speedos) head up off the beach to the outdoor showers just outside the club house.

I continued walking as he showered himself off and after another another 20 meters I noticed that there was a guy walking on the sand to my right. As we both continued north along the beach I continued to survey the beach from any other Speedos but there was a distinct lack of them.

Once we got to the end of the beach I waited a little bit to see where this Speedo clad guy was going to go as I wasn’t sure if he was finished and heading home or just taking a stroll along the beach. He started to climb the stairs and as he came up onto the path he turned and headed towards and then get into the rock pool at the north end of the beach.

I watched from the path as he stood in the rock pool looking around which I was thought was a bit odd but then after a couple of minutes it became evident that his son was snorkeling in the pool and his wife who was holding a baby was watching from the side of the pool.

This Speedo clad Dad was confidently standing there with not a care in the world, it was a great example of some one confident in his own body and I thought he was a great role model for his kids. I walked a little further along before heading back down the beach and I tried to snap a couple of pictures and a little big of video for you.


As I started to head back down the beach I noticed a guy heading down the beach in jeans and a t-shirt and I thought that I’d stop and watch as I was hoping he was wearing his Speedos under his jeans like I was this morning.

As he got closer to the lifeguard tower he found himself a spot on the sand but his back pack down and started to get his towel out. Instead of laying his towel out on the sand he wrapped it high around his waist and at this point my heart sunk as I thought he would next pull out a pair of board shorts to change into.

He felt up under the towel to undo his jeans and proceeded to step out of his jeans and boxer shorts before rolling them up and putting them into his back pack. He quickly searched around in back pack and a moment later I was expecting a pair of board shorts but much to my delight he produced a pair of black and white striped Speedos.

After stepping into them and sliding them up his legs he let the towel fall off revealing his Striped Speedos in all of their glory. After adjusting his Speedos, tying and tucking the drawstring in he put his towel over his bag and headed off towards the water.

I thought this would be a good a place for a dip and all the better to have another Speedo clad swimmer nearby. I headed back up the path a little to get down onto the sand and headed towards the area near the Lifeguard tower and got my towel out.

All of this time I had been keeping an eye out towards the surf where my Speedo clad friend was heading, but as I took my t-shirt off I noticed that he was coming out of the water and heading back up to his towel. I taken a bit by surprise as that was a really quick swim, so I decided that I might just sit on my towel put some sunscreen on whilst he walked up to his towel and back pack.

This guy must of been a regular here as he looked very comfortable in his Speedos as he come towards me and grabbed his towel. Once again I thought he might quickly dry himself off and then lay his towel out, but this guy was all business today as he grabbed his towel, quickly dried his hair and face off, grabbed his back pack and then headed up the beach.

I was a bit surprised, but could only assume that he was on a late lunch, and so I decided to postpone my swim for now and decided to follow him up the beach.

He proceeded straight to the outdoor showers near the North Bondi clubhouse (where I’d previously seen the guy in his wine coloured classic Speedos), after putting his bag and towel down he jumped under one of the shower heads to rinse off before changing back into this jeans and boxers.

I decided them to walk south back to near the Bondi Clubhouse and check out if there were any Speedos down there and take a dip before I had to head back. As I walked past the Bondi Clubhouse, I had not seen another pair of Speedos since I left the Stripey pair under the showers at North Bondi, but then to my surprise a guy came running from behind past me on my left and as he came into view I quickly noticed that he was wearing running shoes, black running tights and a pair of head phones. I thought it was a bit of a strange thing to be wearing on the beach on an Australian summers afternoon but fair play out there running in Lycra.

As he had come from behind he took me a little by surprise and I wasn’t able to get my camera out in time before he was out of range. I continued on the path and I had now come back to where I had been dropped of early, so I paused for a moment to continue to scan the beach for a pair of Speedos, but unfortunately it seem this afternoon Bondi was not as Speedo friendly as I would have hoped.

As I stood there I looked down towards the Bondi Rock Pool and I noticed that the Lycra clad runner had turned and was now heading back towards me, so this was going to be my moment to try and get a picture for the blog. I moved back off the path and tried to look like I was taking a tourist photo of the Rock Pool and managed to get the pic below as he ran past back up to North Bondi.

After this I had two more things left to do on my afternoon in Bondi, first was to strip down to my Speedos and take a dip.

Secondly was try and find another pair of Bondi Speedos like that ones I got on my last trip here in 2009.

After my swim I headed up to the outdoor showers to rinse the salt off and then took my wet Speedos off and put my boardshorts and t-shirt on before heading back up to the shopping strip that runs along Bondi.

For the regular readers among you will know that despite having my Bondi Speedos for many years, it wasn’t until recently that I have started wearing and have fallen back in love with them and I’ve even dedicated a whole post to them which you can read about here.

I headed in an out of all the surf and swimwear shops along the strip and even into the shop I found them back in 2009, but unfortunately the only type of Lycra swimwear for guys I could find were in the RipCurl, but these didn’t have Bondi across the back and similar to the other 5 or 6 pairs of RipCurl Speedos I have back in London.

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