Lycra check in….

I’m currently sitting in a coffee shop in an airport in Puerto Rico after an early morning flight from Miami. After one more connection I will be able to start of a week of fun and sun in the Caribbean, although after 3 or 4 mornings of 4 and 5 am alarms I am looking forward to waking up tomorrow morning to the sound of waves rather than the alarm clock.

For the regular readers you’ll remember that the Speedos I packed for last year’s week in the Caribbean were packed because of a poll where you got to choose your favourite Speedos.
Even today as I type I am so glad I did get you involved as it was an interesting experience for me wearing suits that weren’t necessarily my favourite Speedo of the moment. It also really showed me how my Speedo choices and purchases are very much driven by the way I am feeling at the time or if I’ve seen a lot a certain colour of Lycra or a new suit whilst I am out and about.
Strangely enough the white Speedos with the Blue logo over the bum were put up on Ebay last month and I hope the person who now owns them are really enjoying them. Thanks to those of you who voted for that pair because without your votes I doubt that they would have made it into the selection that came with me.
I had originally brought that pair when I popped into the Speedo shop in Covent Garden in between meetings and I had only popped into get an extra pair of googles. However, whilst I was in there I saw them and having never owned a pair of white Speedos before I brought them thinking that they would be a perfect pair for when I had the chance again to go to a beach in Italy or France, but I’m afraid to admit after being taken home and tried on a couple of times in front of the mirror they got lost in with the many other pairs of Speedos.

Thanks to you however, I can still remember the time I wore them, which was on a Sunday morning in South Beach, Miami.

My friends who I’d met there that weekend had an early morning flight back to Chicago and so I took the opportunity to get up to say good bye to them and then go and watch the sunrise on the beach.
After seeing my friends off I headed up to the grabbed my gear and headed for the beach.

The beach was empty besides a guy doing yoga in front of one of the life guard towers, so I found a bit of sand to put my towel down and then it was probably another 10 minutes or so before the sun came over the horizon, I had thought about stripping down to my white Speedos, but the moment didn’t feel right so I just sat the for a while in my boardshorts and t-shirt.

After watching the sunrise, I headed for the pool and as it has just opened there were only a couple of pool attendants getting the sun lounges ready. The pool itself was crystal clear without a ripple on the surface and I couldn’t wait to be the first one to break the surface.

As the pool attendances were still setting up the sun lounges I walked down to the deep end of the pool closest to the hotel and put my towel and gear one of the double cabana beds. As I started to strip down to my white Speedos, I looked back across the pool and out towards the beach to be greeted with the most amazing view of the sun streaming through the palm trees (which would have been a postcard perfect picture in that one moment).
After stepping out of my boardshorts it took a moment for me to get used to the fact that I was now out in public in a pair of white Speedos, even though it was just me and a couple of pool attendants it was something deep down I thought I would never would have been confident enough to do.

After a minute or two of tucking my phone and hotel key under my towel and adjusting my googles I was quickly becoming more confident and comfortable standing there by the pool in my white Speedos.
As you can probably tell it was an amazing moment diving into that water and a swim that even a year later I still have picture perfect memories of it. I can honestly say even just recalling it now has brought up all of the feelings, like I have just come out of the pool and I’m laying out drying off before I head up to my hotel room.

Anyway, I have complete just gone off point as I started to sit down and tell you about the amazing pair of Nike Lycra tights that I just saw on a guy who was checking in for his flight. Now I have can count the number of time on one hand that I have seen a guy in tights on a flight but all off those tights whilst on the initial glance I thought they were just wearing tights but on the second glance I’ve realised that they were wearing looser fitting shorts over them.

Whilst I thought this was going to be the case on this occasion as well, on the second glance I was happily wrong as this guy was just wearing a pair of black Nike running tights and a Navy-Blue T-Shirt which just covered where the tights started to stretch out at the base of his butt.
As you can expect I was interestingly intrigued as I thought that surely whilst I would champion this attire on airlines, he couldn’t be boarding a flight, but as I watched I was wrong again.

The guy looked like he was of Caribbean descent with shoulder length dread locks and was tall and lean; having only seem Usain Bolt on TV, I think this will be as close as I will get to meeting Usain bolt in Lycra.
He was in the line with an older lady, another guy around his age and a young boy of about 10-11. There was a rather large queue for the American Airlines counter which meant that the group were in front of the coffee shop and my line of sight for quite some time.

Whilst they were waiting in line it gave me a great opportunity to study his tights and watch as they moved with his body as he moved his weight from leg to leg as his group waited. His legs were long and lean as whilst his calves and thighs didn’t excessively make the tights bulge out to contain them the tightness of the Lycra covering them gave you a confidence that this guy could take off on a 100m sprint like a cheetah as at seconds notice.
His T-shirt hang from his broad shoulders and chest without and interruption which confirmed that as the black Lycra disappeared underneath it would be clinging to everything tightly as it made its way around the back and front to his waist.

In all the time that he was standing in my line of sight his t-shirt only moved up a couple of times to reveal the black Lycra stretching up from his upper legs and relaxing for a split second to take a breath before stretching up and out to cover his muscular and toned butt.

Unfortunately for me I wasn’t checking in for another flight for another couple of days as I definitely would have liked to see him in the security line when he would have had to raise his hands above his head for the x-ray machine or the screening required a TSA officer to do a pat down.

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