The Beast from the East

For all the readers here in the UK I hope you’ve all enjoyed this last week when we saw the arrival of The Beast from the East! Whilst for me personally it didn’t affect any of my plans I know if you live or work outside the London micro climate bubble or were trying to travel then that would not have been the case.

So as most of you know I’ve been travelling in warmer climates most of January and then spent the first part of February in Austria Skiing so for me I was starting to feel that the UK Summer was just around the corner. When the arrival of The Beast happened it was a bit of a shock to the system, but then I noticed that there was one unexpected Lycra benefit of this snowy icy week.

The week prior to the beast there were 3/4 bib tights and also just bib shorts on the cycle paths of London, but this week’s weather dictated all skin needed to be covered and so the majority of kit that was worn were the bib tights with cycling jacket.

It’s not uncommon however to see just leg warmers and bib shorts through out the winter months but I’m not sure whether you’ll agree with me on this, but for me there is nothing better to create one smooth flow of Lycra for the eye than bib tights.

For guys like Chris and Oscar who are tall and lean the Lycra bib tights just accentuates their height and when they are cycling and lent forward over their handle bars there is just one beautiful long flowing line of Lycra appearing from underneath their jackets.

I never get tired of seeing this as the tight Lycra will be hugging their bodies at every point as it twist and turns as they move and the Lycra holds tight as it is stretched from the ankles right up up to the waist until it meets the base of the straps disappearing over their shoulders.

For guys like Liam who are shorter but still lean they really accentuate what a pocket rocket they are and makes the most of inch of their height allowing the eyes one uninterrupted view from waist down capturing every muscle movement to their ankles.

So I for one have enjoyed slipping back into my thermal Lycra bib tights and have also enjoyed seeing them in all their glory out on the streets of London.

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