Will he or won’t he…….

I’m on the road again for the next month and as you would expect I have packed enough Lycra to do 3 months on the road!

Hopefully I’ll get a few blogs up as I travel around, but for now I want to tell you about Friday night when I was out having a few drinks after work.

I wrote a blog post about Lee a while back about his cycling Lycra in the office, well since that post there have been a few other conversations with him, which had me thinking that he must be a Cycling Lycra fan.

Anyhow on Friday night I wasn’t up for a big one as I had a lot to do before I came away, so I was kind of glad that after a couple of hours of boozing, people started to go home and before I knew it, it was just myself, Lee and Kate his girlfriend.

A few weeks back I mentioned to Kate in conversation about cold water swimming, after which Kate had said a few times that she wanted to talk to me about her plans for 2018, but had yet to elaborate beyond that.

So after chatting a bit to Lee about the new bike that he wanted to get, I was very conscious that Kate was becoming a cycling widow on the other side of the table so I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to get Kate back into the conversation and find out about what cold water swimming and her 2018 plans had to do with me.

It turns out that Kate wants to actually try some cold water swimming to shake her work outs up so started to question me about what the easiest way to do it was. Well to cut a long story short we agreed that the best solution was to organise a date after this trip and I’d meet her at Brockwell one Sunday morning for a dip.

After hatching this plan and another round, Lee then suggested that we might as well make a day of it and visit some of the Herne Hill and Dulwich Breweries after it, but at this stage I didn’t think he meant he would be joining Kate and I in the pool.

Up until this point Lee had never mentioned to me that he was a swimmer or had anything beyond Marathons or Half-Marations planned for this year, I was very pleased to hear him say that he’d join us in the pool, but finished that sentence off by saying because he had just got bought a new wet suit.

Kate and my reaction to his wet suit comment could not have been more in sync and precisely delivered if we’d rehearsed it one hundred times, but we both replied oh you can’t wear your wet suit, with Kate elaborating that she would be in a bikini and I also said “I’ll only be wearing my Speedos so you’ll need to Speedo Up!” and thankfully Kate didn’t balk at the idea of Lee in a Speedo.

There was a little bit of back and forth between Kate and Lee but not much resistance to the idea, so it’s going to be Kate in her bikini, myself in one of my many pairs of Speedo and Lee at Brockwell very soon.

Below is a guy that looks similar to Lee and is what I would imagine he would look like in a pair of Speedos, although I would have thought that he would stick to a Dark Blue or Black.

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