Rule # 14 Shorts should be black

So whilst I was flicking through my Instagram feed the other day I came across a post from PedalMafia (pic below) and whilst the pic didn’t really grab my attention, until I read the caption “White bibsssssss dropping in jan“.

Reading the comments on the post it seemed the riders in the picture were Jay Barron (White Bibs) and Mitch Wormald (Black Bibs) who were out for a group ride with Jay sporting the new Pedal Mafia White BibShorts that are coming out in January 2018.

The post got about 800+ likes and of course a lot of comments being that it was about White Bibshorts and of course for all self respecting cyclist we know Rule 14 says Shorts should be black.

One comment from zacandrijasevich referenced “learning a lesson from Dan Lloyd” so after a quick google (to refresh my memory of the lesson) I came across the pic below which was originally tweeted by @Tawnycam back in 2015.

After looking at this, the main the Faux Pas here is that his arm warmers are worn over his Jersey and yes whilst we can all see which way he was dressed, I suspect that even with black shorts the people standing near him would have been able to see which way he was dressed on that day.

This got me thinking as to what it really is about White BibShorts that is so Taboo?

I know amongst my main cycling friends I was given the “The Rules” book early on to read and which have been quoted at numerous times over the course of many rides, and all of them except for Mike (this summer who now wears Navy Bibs) and Oscar (he has a plain red pair of DHB bibs which he wears when training indoors at home) have abided by these rules on rides.

Even though they all abide by Rule 14 there have been times over the many rides that it has been very obvious which way they were dressed at certain points, so from that I can only come to two conclusions.

Firstly, they are not aware that even with all of the adjustment that might goes on pre, during and post ride sometimes there is no hiding which way you are dressed even in black shorts, or secondly, they are confident with their bodies so that this is not a factor and they are more concerned with looking like a “cyclist” to other cyclists on the road.

So let me point out rule #6 – Your mind is your worst enemy. Do all your thinking before you start riding your bike.  Once the pedals start to turn, wrap yourself in the sensations of the ride – the smell of the air, the sound of the tires, the feeling of flight as the bicycle rolls over the road. 

I think for me anyhow this over rides rule #14 as my selection of kit is all done before the pedals start to turn and kit should be firstly comfortable and secondly something that you feel confident in.

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