Opps I did it again….

For the regular readers amongst you, you will know that I have collected so much Lycra that I still have bits and pieces that still have their shop tags on.

I recently moved and I’ve got a place now that is big enough to get the bits out of storage and having my full collection in easy reach. It has been a little surprising though that almost every box I seem to unpack (even if it’s not clothing related), there is another stash of Speedos or compression tights that I have not seen for a long time.

So it has been a little bit like Christmas whilst unpacking.

I have been very good though (compared to the last couple of years where I seem to be buying one or two pieces every week) and I have not brought any Lycra in 2017.

Well that was of course up until last week when I saw that AussieBum were having a sale and I couldn’t resist getting a pair of these Burton Vintage Stripe swim briefs.

I have also seen a young cyclist about 3 or 4 times in the last couple of weeks come through my part of town and I have been lucky enough to be crossing the street when he has been waiting at a red light.

I’m not sure what he regularly wears on top but he wears Planet X Pro Level Flanders Bib Shorts and they look absolutely incredible on him so I couldn’t resist buying myself a pair.
The finally couple of purchases are a couple of Adidas 2 Stripe swim trunks I have been looking for on and off for several years now so as you can imagine when I found them for sale I couldn’t type in my credit card details fast enough.












I am certainly looking forward to opening the mail box in the next week or so when these arrive and trying them on.

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