3 year Stripes

This week has seen this blog reach the ripe old age 3 and looking at the stats on the amount of visits and views you all seem to like it which is incredibly humbling and I am very thankful and grateful to you all for the follows, like and comments.

This year has been full of big changes and projects which has been epic for me, but it hasn’t left me much time to sit down and write about all the Lycra experiences that have happened, but I’m pleased to say that everything is settling down now so I’ll be able to get back into some blogging.

I’ve still be in the pool as much as I can as I get a bit stir crazy if I can’t swim. It is the most amazing and relaxing feeling where ever I am in the world to pull on my Speedos, add some water and it’s like taking a big breathe ad then exhaling all the tension.

Last week I was in the pool next to the office doing my laps and whilst most guys at the pool wear Jammers or mid cuts I noticed a guy stride out of the change rooms in a pair of Speedos which would have been amazing in itself,  but as an extra bonus they were horizontal striped with thin white and navy stripes.

A couple of days later I saw this photo of @adryancardoso on my Instagram feed and I (swear minus the beard and tattoos) the guy that walked into the pool that day was exactly like this.   

As he strode across the pool deck to the lane next to me I tried to get as many looks in whilst finishing off the lap to his end of the pool. By the time I had finished the lap he was in the pool and only the top couple of wet stripes were now visible above the water.

After adjusting his googles and his stripey Speedo he lowered himself into the water and launched himself up the lane. Surprisingly he started off with back stroke and it must have been his favored stroke as all of the time that I was in the pool he didn’t change his stroke.

After a couple of other swimmers in my lane had come turned and taken off again there was a gap for me to resume my laps. It took me a couple of lengths until I was turning at the other end of the pool as my stripey friend in the land next to me but when we turned about the same time I was able to glance across under the water to check out how the stripey Lycra was working in the water.

I had to slow down my stroke a little but I managed to stay in line with him so that I could see the water run over the stripey Speedos and it was a really great view, so much so I wished I had a GoPro to capture it for you. The waist band was gripping tight to the drawstring (that was tied tight) and as my eyes followed the horizontal stripes around, the top couple of stripes sat tight across his lower abs as the water run across his torso from his shoulders that were breaking the water as he swam down the lane.

The stripes certainly accentuated how flat his abs were as the Lycra sat tightly against his wet skin as long as it could before it had no other choice but to let go to accommodate everything. It was like looking at one of those topographical maps of a mountain as the Lycra stretched around from his side across the tops of his legs and then started to raise and raise as it stretched up and over before disappearing between his legs that were continual kicking.

Up until that morning the only other pair of horizontal stripes that I had seen were on my trip to Dubai last year.

I have always loved the striped ones and it took me years of looking but I finally got this pair of AussieBums’ a year or so ago. 

I guess it like that saying about buses though, as since getting the red candy striped one I’ve now got several other pairs of Striped suits so I’m spoiled for choice now.

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