Lycra in the Office….

I hope you’ve all been having a great year and for those of you in the Northern Hemisphere a great summer.

I’ve just started in a new office and one of the guys that I hired in his interview did mention that he was into cycling and it seemed that he was really into his cycling, but after the first few weeks he would turn up after cycling to work in normal street wear so assumed that he was just into cycling and not necessarily road racing, time trials and wouldn’t be caught in full Lycra kit.

One day a couple of weeks back I had a day full of meetings, I needed to get Lee to download a few reports for me so I walked over to his desk and had a bit of small talk before I launched into what reports and information I needed.

Just before I got to what I needed I looked down towards the floor and noticed that next to his bag just laying on the floor was the pair of Lycra bib shorts he had worn in that morning. I completely lost my train of thought and I was just focused on his Lycra Cycling shorts that were laying there inside out.

Bontrager Ballista Bib Short - pad

I had to compose myself as quickly as I could to try and cover up the shock of noticing his bibs, but whilst I managed to finally get across what was needed I had to use every once of concentration to ignore the Lycra that was right the in front of me.

After that day I did notice a couple of times when he went to get changed at the end of the day that there might be a bit of the Lycra bib Shorts showing under at the bottom of loose shorts.

A couple of weeks later I was the only one left in my section of the office and Lee had already been up to get changed and was going around the office closing things down for the evening and I could see that he was wearing a white t shirt with loose black shorts but there was no sign of any Lycra Bib shorts showing under his loose shorts.

As he came out of the kitchen which was directly in my line of sight if I looked up from my computer screen his started to chat to me. I looked up and replied and as my eyes focused I could see that whilst his white t shirt was a regular cotton it was quite tight and I could make out the Lycra straps from his bib shorts.

I tried to keep my gaze from focusing on the outline of the bib straps that I could see under his white t shirt and all I wanted to do was look down towards his waist to see if I could make out the outline of the top part of the front of the bib shorts.

After a quick chat he moved back over to his desk which was a little bit away from mine but still in chatting distance. Felt like Lee had read my mind or he could me looking at the outline of the bib straps under his t shirt as as he was packing up the last little bits, he mentioned out of the blue that he had brought new bib shorts from Bontrager and what describing that the had red and blue on them.

In my head I had so many questions about them and how they felt but in reality it was just the usual cycling gear chat the followed.

The following week after this, I did notice on a couple of days that Lee would go up stairs to get changed and when he came back he was just wearing a plain red cycling jersey and plain black cycling bib shorts.

I haven’t been in the right place at the right time however to see him in his full cycling Lycra gear glory up until the other day.

It was a similar day at work to the one that proceeded the chat about Lee’s new Bontrager bib shorts, however I wasn’t the only in my section of the office this time.

I was working away at my desk and the sun was streaming into the office through the windows to my right and as the kitchen was on the corner it was full of sunlight.

After going up stairs to get changed Lee must have still had a cup on his desk so he grabbed and headed into the kitchen and over to the sink. After quickly rinsing his mug there must have some dirty dishes on the table which was out of my view as he disappeared for a moment to grab them.

Once he had them he came back to the sink and started to rinse them, which was directly in my line of sight so I was getting a great side on view whilst he potted around the kitchen tidying up.

I was very conscious that I did sit there staring like I wanted to as I still had a few other colleagues sitting around me.

I did however manage to look up again at just the right time as Lee had rinsed everything off now and had opened the dishwasher was lent forward just at the right angle, which pulled his Red cylcing jersey just a little higher up his back exposing more of the Black Lycra. The sunlight streaming through all of the windows seemed to intensive in that moment as it hit his black Lycra bib shorts and the Lycra almost twinkled.

In the sunlight and whilst previously the shorts looked like the Lycra panels were all the same texture with the sun like a spotlight shining on them the were a few panels that seemed to be a thinner Lycra and it was just amazing to watch the Lycra play in the sun light as his muscles underneath moved whilst he loaded the dishwasher.


2 thoughts on “Lycra in the Office….

  1. Oh, how exciting to read – what feelings you had. I have the same feelings when I enter the bicycle store and see cyclists in very tight jersey and bib shorts. Muscular sweaty thighs and tight fitting lycra outfit are divine! When I first came to the Tinkoff cycling club, I was very excited by Peter Sagan. His solid ass and muscular thighs excited me. I immediately decided that I would be a professional cyclist. Now, Lycra outfit is my constant fetish.

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