Come Dine with Lycra cont’d …….

Whilst working yesterday I had the TV going on in the back ground and as always my Lycra antennas were on. The familiar intro to Come Dine with me came on and whilst I was still focused on my work I did happen to look up at just the right moment to see a blue morph suite come through a door way in the preview to the trailer to the episode.






Well as could imagine I was hooked from that point on. I pressed the info button on the remote and if you’ve get a chance to watch it, it is Episode 18 in Series 30 of the UK version.

The contestants for this round were James Ronnie, JP, Tim and Amanda, with this particular episode about JP’s attempt to win the £1000 prize money, but how does the Blue Lycra Morph Suit appear I hear you asking.

Well as the night plays out JP heads out to the kitchen and whilst Ronnie and James drink on the couch in the living room Tim and Amanda head up to JP’s room and have a rummage. They come across a wicker basket of fancy dress and Amanda soon stumbles across some Blue Lycra.

Whilst Amanda is asking “what is it?”, it doesn’t take Tim to long to blurt out of it’s one of those Morph Suits.

It is not clear how but some how with out being asked the next scene is of an empty door way and within seconds Tim bursts through the door in all of his blue Lycra Morph suit glory.

If you’re watched Come Dine with me episodes, usually if the contestants find anything of interest on the rummage through the house it usually will appear later at the table but sadly for us this is the only vision that we have in this episode of the Blue Lycra Morph Suit.

As the episode 18 drew to close I was intrigued as to whether Tim was pressured by the producers to wear the suit or was he a fan of Lycra?

I quickly checked the information on the next episode and lucky it was the episode where Tim would host so I thought if we might see any more Lycra it would be on his night of hosting.

The episode starts and after all the prep and chat about his night being American themes. Tim heads over a friends house to borrow his friends American football gear. As his friend hands over his gear the shoulder pads and mesh jersey are clearly visible but it’s not clear if the tight Lycra football pants are included in the bundle.

Well we didn’t have to long to wait to see if he would be wearing below the jersey as after the cooking was done Tim popped up stairs to changed. The camera is now focused on the stairs and as he turns the corner on the landing and starts to come down the top couple of stairs it is an amazing scene as the dark blue Lycra football pants look amazing.

Tim heads off to answer the door to his first guest of the night Ronnie; and as he gradually greets his guests the light in the lounge room reflects of the Blue Lycra so well.

Tim’s entertainment for the night is a firework display but whilst the other guest were looking up, the flashing light from the fireworks once again played off against the tight Blue Lycra Football pants.

After watching the fireworks it was time for desert, followed but the other contestants scoring the evening during the taxi ride home.

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