From Dork Shorts to Speedos…….

Mike and my busy schedules haven’t settled down much over the summer and he seems to be spending every third week away these days and whilst I have I’ve been around we don’t seem to be getting much pool time at all.

The one regular thing we have had is Water Polo which has been great during the summer as our training venue has moved outside into the Lido. I’m not sure if this is a direct effect of the warmer weather but a lot of the people we started to play with last year have now come back to the club and are now regulars.

For the regular readers, you might remember when Mike and I were joking about starting to play Water Polo I was hoping that this would be the catalyst for Mike to get out of his Jammers and slip into a pair of Water Polo Speedos. Well I’m sorry to say this has not happened yet but I am ever hopeful and I will save that for another blog post of it’s own.

Anyway, I digress as I was going to tell you about this one night a month or so ago when our diaries allowed us to be down at the pool.

It was a Wednesday night and even though Mike and I had arranged to meet at the pool at 7, my meetings had finished earlier so ended up getting to the pool almost an hour ahead of time. I headed to the change room and changed into my swimming club Speedos and headed out to the pool deck. The pool area was packed as London was enjoying a bit of a heat wave.

I ended up going for a quick couple of laps, but as I would be doing more laps later when Mike arrived I thought I would take this opportunity to grab a bit of space alongside the pool and lay out in my Speedos.

Sometimes I can lay out in my Speedos for hours but my mind was racing today so after sorting out some emails on my phone I gave up and jumped back into the pools and started to get the laps in.

Mike arrived on time in his usual black speedo jammers and jumped into the pool. We had a quick chat before he set off and I got back into my remaining laps.

After a few more laps I stopped for another a breather, but Mike must have got into his stride as he continued with his laps. As I stood there in the shallow end of the pool facing the door where you come out of the change rooms to the pool, I suddenly recognized one of the swimmers coming through the door was one of the guys Mike and I have been playing Water polo with. He usually wears Speedos for Water polo so I wasn’t surprised to see him striding confidently across the pool deck in his Speedos.

What I was surprised but very excited to see was what walked out the door a couple of minutes later.

We met Copper last year when he came along to a couple of the Water polo session late in the session. He the disappeared and hadn’t been to any of the winter Water polo sessions and then had shown up again at the Water polo session a couple of nights ago.

Cooper had turned up last year and the sessions a couple of nights ago in loose Dork Shorts, and whilst writing this blog post I did a bit of Facebook stalking to try and get a picture that represented him in Dork shorts, I noticed that he seemed to be wearing the exact same pair of Dork Shorts in most of his pool / beach photos, but after finding out they’re £150 a pop for his shorts I don’t blame him for wearing them all of the time.

It’s funny now thinking back over it all now and realizing that I had put Cooper (like most guys that wear them) firmly into the Dork Short category not hold even considering that they would ever wear Cycling gear or any type of Lycra swimwear. I guess I thought if guys that wear loose shorts were every going to make the leap into Lycra swimwear it would be into jammers or the square cut suits as it would be a huge jump for a guy to go from Dork Shorts to Speedos briefs .

Well Cooper was about to take that huge jump and as I stood there I noticed a guy come through the door in a pair of Navy blue Speedos and whilst I watched him stride across the pool deck to the lockers, I had a feeling that he reminded me of someone and the more I watched it slowly dawned on me that it was Cooper from Water polo.

As I watched him put his bag into the locker and get his googles out and walk back across the top of the pool I was mesmerised as the Navy Lycra Speedos looked amazing on him and at first glimpse looked like his university swim team Speedos and suited his body a lot better than his expensive Dork Shorts did.

Cooper vanished into the crowd a couple of lanes over and I thought I had better get back to my laps. As I set off my mind was now consumed with the images of Cooper running back through my head and I started to wonder if he just wears Speedos for lap swimming and Dork Shorts for everything else?

As I continued to swim I took every opportunity whilst taking breathes in the direction of Cooper, but just couldn’t get any more glimpses of him.

I was amazed though how his classic cut Navy Speedos fit him and how as he walked past and then away from me it gave me a great angle to see how the Navy Lycra stretched down from the side of his hips covering and gripping onto his butt before the stitching and the bottom edge of his Speedos pulled the Lycra into the natural crease between his leg and butt.

The way the Lycra then disappeared quickly back between made it look like that the Lycra was having a hard time stretching to contain everything whilst the top band sat perfectly straight across the small of his lower back.


From the front, the top band once again sat perfectly straight and low across his lower abs and showed of the V shape of his Abs which had obviously been hidden under his expensive Dork Shorts. The Navy Lycra at the front looked like it was tight against his skin as it came in from the sides and then clung onto until it had no option to stretch out to form a full pouch.

The Navy Lycra of his Speedos looked great dry as he walked across the pool but it would have been great to watch them get soaked with water as he walked down the steps into the pool.

Cooper did make it across to the lanes that Mike and I were swimming in so whilst we stood there in the swallow end chatting I really had to use every ounce of strength in me not to try and grab a glimpse of his now wet Navy Lycra Speedos.

I’m happy to report though after that one night at pool for whatever reason he has worn those Navy Speedos to Water polo.


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