Lycra around every corner…

It’s been great since the sun has been hanging around during the day a lot longer and whilst there are still a lot of long tights on display, a lot of cyclists have left the leg warmers and long cycling tights at home.

Last Friday night I was out in the car running a few errands as I headed across town the amount of cyclists out heading home was just incredible and as I was coming through Westminster and over Vauxhall bridge the sun was in full view in the rear view mirror. I headed towards the intersection and the lights turned red so I pulled up at the front of the line of traffic.

As I said there waiting for the green light a cyclist came through the line of cars behind and pulled up in just to the right of my car, but what really caught my eye was how the sun was reflecting off the light coloured bib shorts and jersey that he was wearing. As he unclipped his left foot and shifted his weight in the saddle I was just amazed at how the Lycra seemed to play and shimmer in the sunshine.

sunny turq arse.jpg

Whilst I sat there I was trying to take in the view and also try and make out the design or brand of outfit he was wearing, but I didn’t get much time as the red turned to green and we were off.

After the this encounter I continued on with my evening with a bit more of a bounce in my step.

On Saturday morning I had another full day of work to get done before heading over to Gavin’s place for a barbecue later that afternoon. I popped out to the shops during the morning and I was going to swing past the drycleaners on the way home but decided to drop everything off at the house first and then make a separate trip after doing that.

As I was walking down the main street to the house and approaching one of the local coffee shops, I started to make out a guy sitting in the window in what looked like white Lycra cycling bib shorts. In all the time I have been living here I had never seen groups of cyclist dropping off here for a coffee after their club rides or laps of Richmond Park so I was very intrigued as to how these white Lycra bib shorts had found their way into my local coffee shop. I quickly scanned the street looking for a high spec road bike which I was expecting to match up with the white Lycra but couldn’t match anything so thought I needed to drop everything off at home and come back on my way out to the Drycleaners.

WoodGroup Lycra Coffee.jpg

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One thought on “Lycra around every corner…

  1. Oh, how nice to read about your feelings when you see us – cyclists. I’m a pro cyclist from the Tinkoff team. I have the same feelings and lust for cyclists. Cycling is for me my profession, sex, life.


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