What a walk to work….

I’m writing this post from a very comfy seat in an A380 heading south and there is still about 3 hours left in this big metal tube. I left London last night but this post isn’t about this trip it is about my walk to the office from the train (tube) station and the Lycra candy I saw along the way.

As I was coming out of Victoria Tube Station my mind was running through everything that I had to get done before heading home to pick up the bags and head to the airport. The first 200 metres of the walk went just like every other day and as I walked something caught my eye to the left of the path and as I got closer I started to make out some white cycling shorts. As you can imagine my thoughts about my to do list disappeared in an instance and this next section of my walk was now consumed with checking them out.

I then started to think where my phone was as this is something I would have loved to share but there just was not enough time and he was standing facing in my direction talking to a friend. Everything was going to have to be caught and replayed in my mind so the I was focused and tried to slow down my pace without making it obvious.

The last couple of weeks have been great spring weather and this guys was taking full advance and as my eyes moved up from his black cycling shoes, his bare legs were out until just above his knees where the tight bib shorts started. At first glance they were completely white with a look similar of the Lampre white competition Bibs and this is what I thought they were at first, but as my eye lingered on his white Lycra covered thighs the only colour I could make out was a pink band and some pink writing that went up towards his hip.

The guy had an overall appearance of a courier more than someone that was just commuting to work. As my eyes moved up the pink writing on the side I only got up a couple of letters before my eyes were met with the bottom of an oversized grey sweater and disappointingly his top layers hung from his frame and fell at the top of his thighs, so I was only able to physically see about the bottom two thirds of these bib shorts.

As I was now only a few steps away from passing him my focus had to be on trying to make out the wording or brand of these shorts to see if I could Google them once in the office.

The next steps passed way to quickly and whilst I couldn’t make out the brand or wording, they looked like a well construction pair of bibs and so I could only assume that they were a club or local European Teams kit.

As I continued to walk towards the office I had a couple of minutes to the next set of traffics lights so that gave me a chance to replay the images too make sure that I had captured as much as I could my mind didn’t stop there.

If I couldn’t see the rest of them there was no harm in letting my mind do what my eyes couldn’t. I started to imagine the tight white Lycra continued up and branched out toward the stitching around the front of the pad and across his lower abs, the Lycra then headed off in the opposite direction as it covered his left hip and go around as his butt cheek stretched and curved the white Lycra out.

In my mind the plain white and pink design continued and as the white Lycra continued to wrap around and then narrow back into his waist before meeting white Lycra mesh straps that shot up over his pecs and then shoulders.

I soon reached the first of a couple sets of traffic lights by this stage and as I stood there waiting for the little green man to appear I looked to my right and noticed a tall lean cyclist in front of the row of cars.

Once again, I thought he was taking advantage of the good spring weather that we’ve been having and was wearing basic black bib shorts, but there wasn’t anything striking about them at all and they had no distinguishing features that allowed me to work out what brand they were at all.

I turned back to check if the little green man had appeared but it was still red so as I waited I started to look around. It wasn’t long until my gaze came back to the cyclist on my right and he was now bent forward leaning over his handle bars fiddling with the callipers on the front. As my eyes continued along his back I could see that his jacket and cycling jersey underneath were being pulled up from their usual position where they normally sit and this was exposing more of his Black Lycra bib shorts.

My gaze now returned to his Lycra and it was just amazing to see them flexing and stretching in a different way to accommodate the change in his body position. The black Lycra was now creating one continuous line from the back of thighs up to towards his butt and the all the way over until it hit his lower back.

His jacket had pulled his jersey with it and must have been now sitting just below where the Lycra stops and narrows into the straps that would continue up his back and split to head over his shoulders. This allowed a good view of the Lycra gripping his skin as it stretched over his hips and then relaxed ever so slightly as it traced along his skin as it narrowed to his waist.

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