Hotel Speedo….

It has been a crazy period since getting back from the Caribbean at the end January and whilst there hasn’t been much time to relax a couple of weekends ago I finally found myself in my own bed on a Saturday morning with no alarm set and nothing planned for the whole day.

Needless to say I wasn’t in any rush to get out of bed or leaving the house in a hurry. I ended spending most of the day in bed with my iPad just enjoying being home. About mid morning I was watching some catch up TV and during one of the short ad breaks my eyes caught a flash of blue Lycra. After rewinding and watching it again a couple of times to make sure I wasn’t seeing things, my attention now shifted to watching this new TV series.

The show I was now searching for was First Dates Hotel which is a spin off from a show called First Dates which has been running here in the UK for a couple of years I think. First Dates Hotels takes it one step further and takes UK Singles off to a hotel called Le Vieux Castillon in Provence.

As I watched the show I was amazed at the great looking pool that this hotel has and thought I’d have to put it on my list of places to go as I could just imagine stripping off to my Speedos and diving into the pool.

Well it turns out that I’m not the only that had that thought as at the end of one of the episodes they played the teaser for the next episode and all of a sudden there it is was a flash of blue Speedos as a white robe fell to the ground next to a sun lounge.

It turns out that French Maitre D Fred is also a fan of Speedos and decided to wear them for his morning laps in the hotel pool.

fred-fd-hotel-3 fred-fd-hotel-4 fred-fd-hotel-5 fred-fd-hotel-6 fred-fd-hotel-7 fred-fd-hotel-8 fred-fd-hotel-9

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