And the Winners are…..

Thanks so much to everyone that has voted in the 4 rounds of “Which pairs should I pack!”

It has certainly been an interesting experience so far and as you are aware when I go on holiday I usually pack a few of my favourites of the moment. I was a little surprised when quite a few of my favourites didn’t make the cut and also when a few pairs that I was planning to take suffered the same fate. However even though some of the winners are ones that I would normally reserve for just me or I haven’t actually been game enough to wear out in public I promise to only take those the winners that you have selected and I will also wear every pair at least once out by the pool or on the beach.

So here is the final list of the swimmers that are your choice for my Caribbean trip;

  • AussieBum Blue & White with Logo on the Front.
  • Adidas Three Stripe
  • AussieBum Red Classic Cut
  • AussieBum Ice Blue Classic Cut
  • AussieBum Noosa with Logo
  • AussieBum Noosa
  • Wrestle Me (White, Grey & Black)
  • RipCurl Logo Black Sluggos
  • Speedo White with Blue Logo
  • AussieBum Sleet Classic Cut with Logo

That almost works out to about one a day but I think I might be able to do a costume change on a couple of days.

I’ve got 10 sleeps left before I head and to be honest I am already half packed and as you can probably tell I have been hanging out for this trip massively.

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