2 years on……

This week saw this blog turn two, so first of all I’d like to take a moment to say thank you to all of you that have visited the blog, made comments, sent emails, liked, retweeted, shared and followed the blog.

When I started the blog in back in Nov 2014, I wasn’t sure a) whether I would have more than one or two blogposts in me and b) would anyone read it. As I sit here now typing those questions have certainly been answered with 80+ blog posts and almost 80,000 views.

This last year has been rather full on, I have travelled to some amazing destinations, experienced some amazing moments and had some surprising Lycra moments. I am certainly amazed and very please to report that the this year to come is just as full on and I am very lucky that I have some incredible trips booked and they included some amazing private infinity pools and sun soaked beaches.

As I have mentioned in previous posts I always pack a couple of pairs of Speedos and compression workout gear when I travel even if there are no activities in the schedule. For the week in the Caribbean I am letting you choose 7-8 pairs of Speedos which I will wear over the week and just in case you don’t pick my favours that leaves room for a couple of my choice.

So to finish off I have been feeling a little nostalgic of late so I thought whilst there are a lot of Lycra stories from my past which I need to share with you one; I thought I would post some pictures that remind me of these times. The first batch are the mainly around the first pair of Speedos I either owned or saw friends or family wearing.


The second batch reminds me of the era of cycling Lycra that I grew up with.


This third and final lot of photos are from Look which was the brand of my first ever pair of Lycra Cycling Bibshorts.


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One thought on “2 years on……

  1. I am a pro cyclist Tinkoff team. Buy our lycra outfit. You’ll be excited all the time. What sexy guys of our team! Especially Peter with his muscular thighs and firm butt. What attraction crotch Daniele! What Eric! Beautiful ass Alberto! And other….


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