A sea of Blue

Now that the Autumn is here and I’m now getting up before the sun it means that swimming in the morning at the Lido isn’t an option so I’ve resigned myself to heading indoors which means a shorter and busier pool. The pool I’m now swimming at is in central London and just around from the office so not to much of a detour on my daily commute. The changing rooms can be a bit of a free for all at times and is one of the few pools that still has open showers which also can be like Grand Central Station at times.

On Thursday after I had changed out of my cycle gear into my Slugger Classic Edwins, I headed for the shower area to rinse off and then out to the pool to get my laps in. The exit from the change roooms is at the shallow end of the pool with the lanes running away from this end towards the deep end and the diving board. A lot of the swimmers rest at this end of the pool and being the shallow end once they’re done they usually just climb out of the water and head straight into the change rooms.

As I came around the partition that screens the change rooms from the pool I was greeted with a pretty busy pool so I walked across a couple of lanes to put my towel down. After putting my towel down and turning back towards the pool I couldn’t believe my luck as my timing couldn’t have been any better. Right before me a couple of lanes over was a swimmer getting out of the pool and initially as he was lifting himself out of the pool it could’ve been just any other swimmer finishing his laps but as his waist and swimmers started to appear above the pool deck my eyes started to recognise the wet blue Lycra and as more appeared out of the pool I started to recognise the logo.

My eyes were now glued as what had appeared from out of the pool was a brilliantly wet pair of blue Turbo trunks and I knew I had to try and memorise this view as the didn’t hang around very long. Once again I had fallen in love with a pair of swimmers, after they had disappeared I started swimming my laps. I couldn’t get them out of my head and I knew that once I had logged on in the office and checked my emails I would be logging onto their website to try and buy a pair for myself.

The following morning I had woken up on time and didn’t have that many things to do before heading into the office so by the time I got to the pool it was a little earlier than Thursday. I had grabbed my pair of Slugger’s classic Edwin swimmers for this morning’s laps  and after changing I headed for the shower area. I hung my towel and googles on a hook then headed into the showers, as I rounded the corner I was greeted with a guy in bright almost electric blue square cut swimmers. I didn’t have much chance to notice anything else besides the colour but after I had found myself a spare shower head I was able to get a few glances across.

He was now two shower heads away from me and now I could see that his blue wet swimmers had a white stripe on the left hip and it sort of had a design similar to the traditional Arena stripes, although I couldn’t see the Arena logo anywhere. I hadn’t seen these dry at all so I’m now sure if the water (that was running over his body and soaking into the blue Lycra) that was giving them the memorising blue colour but I was fascinated.

After a minute or so facing the shower head and getting as many glimpses as I could I turned around so I was now looking towards the centre of the shower area.  As I did so I noticed under the only shower head on the end wall was a guy wearing what looked to be a classic pair of black Speedo briefs. As I moved slightly under my shower I was able to get a better view of his soaking wet Speedos and whilst they had the traditional Speedo logo on the right hip there was  small blue design which formed a sort of a vertical line on his left side.

Whilst the view of the front side was great I was able to watch as he turned around to his right and face the wall.As he turned though my attention stayed with his Speedos and as he turned a bit of another blue design started to appear and it didn’t take me long to realise that it was a Blue Speedo Logo that was stamped on the now soaking wet black Lycra underneath. The Logo was positioned diagonally over the left side of the back of his Speedos and as the wet Lycra was clinging onto his butt it really accentuated the curves.

I couldn’t stay in the shower forever as at this point I had only changed and rinsed off and I still had my laps to do before heading off to work. I managed to moved out of the shower area and 0ut to the pool, but as I headed across to where I usually leave my towel I recognised the blue Turbos from the previous mornings swim.

As I swam laps I had the chance to glance underwater across to his lane which was two lanes over from mine and it was a great view watching him press off the wall and stretch out down the lane.

This guy had the stereotypical lean swimmers body and it was great to watch how the blue Turbo briefs clung to his body as he pushed through the water. From where I was looking there was no hint of a loose bit of Lycra anywhere in his swimmers as the Lycra was clinging to his body as if it had been painted on.

As I mentioned the previous morning after getting to the office I went to the Turbo website to try and find this pair but I wasn’t able to find them so whilst I was glancing across to them I was trying to see the design a little clearer.

The back was a solid blue without any design except for the yellow water polo ball logo on the right side. On the front however the blue continued around from the back on the right side but on the left side the blue Lycra was interrupted by a bright yellow which continued across the front to almost the middle of the pouch.

After swimming back and forth I wasn’t able to distinguish what the yellow design was and I concluded that they must be a custom water polo pair. I was about 90% through my laps when I saw him finish off and get out of the pool and as much as I wanted to get out and head to the showers I pressed on continuing with my laps.

After finishing off my laps I grabbed my towel and I was still thinking about the pair of blue Turbo Lycra. I thought that he would have been changed and heading for the door by now, but as I rounded the corner and looked into the showers I was very happy to see under the shower head at the end of the room, soaking up the water was the pair of blue Turbo Lycra brief style swimmers.

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