The Lycra train line…..

So last Sunday was a bit of a write off after a fun couple of nights out with the Stag Do, so needless to say I was pretty wrecked by the time I caught the train back to London. As the train pulled out of the station heading east, the carriage I was in was pretty quiet but I couldn’t muster the focus to continue the previous blog post, so I shut my eyes and hoped that the coffee I grabbed on the way through the station would start to work and perk me up soon.

My mind started replaying some of the weekend and it wasn’t long before I started replaying the train trip on Friday and the Lycra clad cyclist. Before I knew it we pulled into the station where he had got off on Friday night and whilst I knew it was a long shot I did take a look whilst we were in the station to see if he or any other cyclists would be making the journey with us today.

Sadly though the trip continued with no Lycra clad cyclists and so I shut my eyes again and continued with my day dreaming. As we continued along on our trip the coffee started to kick in a bit and by the time we got to Reading station the carriage had filled up. As I stared blankly out of the window some movement on the platform caught my attention so I looked in that direction and as my eyes focused I couldn’t believe it as there was now a young Lycra clad couple in University of Surrey cycling kit.

They were pushing a couple of bikes and had soon walked past the window, leaving me looking out onto an empty platform. People started coming up the aisle of the carriage and my attention must have been elsewhere when the couple walked back passed the window but it wasn’t long before I saw them come through the door at the end of the carriage. As they headed down the aisle I was scanning the area around me to see what seats were available but the carriage was now pretty full.

They ended up grabbing two aisle seats opposite each other facing in my direction about four or five rows away. As they were getting to their seats I was able to see that they were both wearing long big tights and the guy sat on the same side as my seat and the girl sat on the opposite side which allowed me a view of her kit diagonally across from my seat. As the train pulled away and headed for London between the coffee and the fresh serving of Lycra in front of me I was now awake!

For the next 5-10 mins my eyes didn’t stray much from the Lycra clad couple and my mind playing through what the people sitting next to them in the row were seeing right now. I was trying to work out if I could get an video of them to share with you and so I thought it might be time to pop to the toilet which would allow me to do some recon.

I got up out of my seat and headed up the aisle towards them but it was very evident that there would be no chance for sneaky camera work as they were both leaning towards each other into the aisle so as I approached they both looked in my direction and waited till I had passed before continuing with their conversation. The same happened as I walk back to my seat so I though that I might be able to get something once we stop at Paddington station in London.

Once I was back at my seat I settled into my seat to enjoyed the rest of the journey and whilst my eyes were busy taking it all in my mind started to wander back to Friday night trains trip and the unfinished blog about meeting up with Pierce the other week. It was funny in a way as whilst I was sitting there drinking and chatting with him it didn’t dawn on me but after we went out separate ways on the underground I suddenly realized that I had actually said the words “your Lycra fetish” to him in normal pub conversation.

As I continued down the stairs and onto the platform I wondered, if Pierce knew that I wrote this blog whether the conversations would have been as natural as it was? The first mention of Lycra was when we were talking about things that we had talked about doing (in past drinking sessions,) but never made it beyond just talk. Pierce admitted one of the things that he had always thought about was when I had mentioned I had always wanted to head to Boston to run in the Santa Speedo Run, he continued to say that even though his girlfriend would definitely object he would be definitely up for giving it a go one year.

As we continued through the pints I started to tell him about on my recent travels I had the opportunity to work out in a gym naked. I mentioned how when I was doing a couple of sets of exercises (the weight benches and stations were positioned in front of a wall of floor to ceiling mirrors), I watched my body work through the range of motion of the exercise and it was quite a different sight to the Lycra clad imagine that is usually staring back at me.

After a few of the obvious questions from him he asked whether it was uncomfortable not having everything supported and commented that, that is why he still always loves to wear his old college rowing Lycra onesies as it keep everything in place.

That’s when I jokingly ribbed him that it really is any excuse for him and his “Lycra Fetish” to strut around in tight Lycra. Obviously we all know this was “the pot calling the kettle black” but he agreed and the conversation continued.


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