Lycra encounter on way to Stag do..

So it’s Friday afternoon and I’m leaving London behind for another stag do, luckily thought I currently have a spare seat next to me and so I thought I would try and get a post started and hopefully finished before I get there.

So there are quite a few things I have in my head that I want to get down in a blog post but I thought I’d tell you about drinks with Pierce a fortnight ago. So for the regular readers among you, you might remember that name and if you’ve already guess I wrote about Pierce in his tri suit many years ago when he and I did the London Triathlon. (Click here to read that post).

The last time I saw Pierce in any sort of Lycra was on the morning of Oscar’s Stag Do when all the cyclists headed out for a ride and we made Oscar wear a Red Morph suit over his cycling gear. To be honest though in the last couple of years I have had only seen Pierce a handful of times but it is always great to catch up with him.

So I had to abandon writing at this stage as the the train carriage is pretty full and the seat next to me is occupied after the train stopped at Reading. After the young lady that was occupying the seat next to me sat down there was still a stream of people still in the aisle waiting to find there seat.

I could feel someone standing in the aisle just over me right shoulder but I didn’t it wasn’t until the passenger one row in front of me had stowed their bag and taken their seat that they took a step forward and I got a glimpse of a Lycra clad cyclist walking down the aisle.

I was now wishing that I had tuned to the right a little earlier but oh well my eyes were now glued the back of these bid shorts as they continued up a couple of more rows before stopping. The cyclist has a seat reserved on the window of a table of four on the other side of aisle so right in my line of sight. The other 3 seats at the table of 4 were already occupied and the guy in a suit sitting in the aisle seat now needed got get up to let the cyclist in and just as quickly as they appeared the black Lycra bib shorts disappear beneath the table.

The only thing I could see of the cyclist now was from the table top up. I was really wishing now that I had reserved a table seat, but for the rest of the trip as I’m sure you can imagine my mind didn’t leave that table. As I sat there I couldn’t help but imagine how close his Lycra legs would be to the guy’s legs sitting opposite to him. I started to wonder if either the guy opposite him, the young lady diagonally across from him or even the guy sitting directly next to him was wondering exactly the same as me at this point in time.

As we train left Reading behind I was starting to imagine myself in the place of the guy directly opposite to him and started to wonder what it would have felt like if the cyclists leg touched mine all of a sudden and then I realised that it would just be bare skin against my jeans so how would be possible to feel the Lycra. I then thought maybe I would be able to lean forward and act like I was scratching my knee and hope that one of my knuckles should brush against the Lycra but then once again that would only work is he was wearing full Lycra knicks or tights.

I soon realised that both positions opposite wouldn’t be any good and that the lucky seat out of all three at this table would be the guy in the suit sitting next to him. In my mind I changed seats and I was now sitting right next to this cyclist and whilst in this first few minutes of sitting next to him my heart would be racing and I would be struggling to keep myself in check.

I would have been trying to focus on the work and typing away on my laptop but at every chance I got I would be glancing down into the seat next look at this cycling in his Lycra bib shorts. In my head I was trying to work out the distance between the seats and would it be possible for look natural whilst moving my hand down the side of my jeans and rub or scratch my leg whilst brushing the back of my hand against the Lycra that I was trying to ignore as it wrapped tight around his thighs?

For the next hour or so as the train flew across the tracks my mind rarely moved on from visualising sitting next to this cyclist. A couple of times I did think that I wished I still had an empty seat next to me so that I could still be typing away and telling you all about this trip, I also thought about how I could try and capture something of this trip to share with you and luckily I had my mobile on the table in front of my so I started to try and see what angles I could potential take a sneaky photo or video to share with you but then as I was playing with settings and trying to work something out the announcement can across the loud speaker that we would shortly be arriving at Bath Spa.

Shortly after the announcement has finished people started to grab their bags and head back up the aisle to the end of the carriage ready to get off. One by one more and more people got up and as I continued to watch down the aisle I saw the cyclist motion to the guy sitting next to him that he was getting off so as the guy in the suit stood up and made way for the cyclist to get out I thought this would be my moment to get a photo or video of him.

As I was trying to get my camera on my phone ready I was trying to think everything through as I didn’t want the lady next to my on anyone standing up behind me to see me video this guy and before I knew it there were now so many people in the aisle that before I knew it there was a couple of passengers in front of me which was completely blocking my view and my only chance now would be when he walked down the aisle towards the door and so I put the camera into slow-mo mode and held my breathe…..

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