What a year…..

Well as you can probably tell by the lack of regular posts it’s been quite a pretty hectic year between the swim training, work, travel and stag do’s, but I’ve got a relatively quietish weekend ahead before another string busy weeks that will keep me on the go until the end of October.

Whilst the summer has been quite busy there has been some unexpected Lycra moments and I’m very happy to report Mike & I took up water polo as well as doing our annual big open water swim.

I was down at the pool this evening and the sun was setting at about 7 o’clock which whilst was amazing to watch in a pair of Speedos from the pool; it does mean that we’re staring down the barrel of Autumn.

Hopefully whilst there is a lot of travel, work, weddings and one more stag do I hopefully be able to get summer’s Lycra adventures down into some blogs and share them with you.

Before signing off on this quick little update, I did want to share with you about something that is coming up in January and it is something that has me really excited. I’m lucky to say that I’ve got a full week of island hopping in the Caribbean which is a pure pleasure trip. I am intending to be wear nothing more than Speedos for the majority of this holiday so I thought if I get a poll set up I will let you have your vote on your favourite Speedos in my collection and the top 20 pairs will be in my bag that I take with me. How does that sound?


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