Stag Do Lycra No. 2……

Last weekend was the second stag do for the year which just leaves one more and then of course the 3 associated weddings to attend. On this stag do, we all headed out west to Wales for the weekend but, whilst the house we had booked didn’t have a pool it had a great roof terrace and we had a lot of fun activities planned including some white water rafting on the Saturday.

Once again the Whats App group was pinging a few days before, but really got going early on the Friday when the first car load set off on their road trip. I had to work during the day so it was going to be a last minute dash down on the train before dinner on the Friday night. I had once again been thinking all week about what pair of Speedos I was going to pack and it was a toss up between my pair of Slugger Koi or my Rip Curl Speedos (the same pair I had worn at the last stag do in Spain), but due to a late night at work on the Thursday and last minute packing I just ended up just grabbing the Rip Curl Speedos.

This stag do had about 20 guys in attendance so we were all pretty well spread out across three floors in the house. Whilst there were a lot of beds there were just three showers scattered through out the property. Most of the rooms were in the back part of the house which lead off the kitchen and then there was another bunch of bedrooms which were accessed from a stairwell next to the front door.

I had managed to get a bed in the bunch of rooms at the back of the house so the shower and toilets were at the top of the stairwell. For the guys that were in the bedrooms at the front the bathrooms were down stairs which meant going through lounge room and walking past the kitchen.

When I got home late on the Friday night we all stayed up on the terrace for a drink a little longer but it wasn’t long before people started to go to bed. I headed up to bed and started to get my stuff out of my bag ready; whilst rummaging through my bag I came across my Rip Curl Speedos. I moved them aside to get to other stuff and  the Lycra ended up resting against my wrist as I looked for my charger and other bits. As I rummaged in my bag the more the Lycra moved against my skin the more of an urge to put them on I got.

At this stage I was the only one in the room which I was sharing with 4 other guys and without a second of hesitation I was getting undress and pulling them up my legs. After I got them on and got everything into the right place I found myself standing there in an empty bedroom in my Rip Curl Speedos and my casual shirt which was half unbutton. I continued to plug my phone charger in and then headed off to closest bathroom to brush my teeth. As I headed out the room across to the bathroom I was enjoying the way the Speedos felt on under my shirt and then I started to realize that this was not a very well thought out idea.

As I stood there at the sink brushing my teeth I heard foot steps coming up the stairs. Instantly I knew that I was about to get rumbled and was glad that I still had my shirt on as this would at least cover my Speedos up a little bit. The footsteps got closer but turned and went into the bedroom.

I finished off in the bathroom and as I walked out the guys were already in bed or too busy with getting themselves organized that I was able to head over to my bed and jump under the covers before any of them realized that I was going to be sleeping in my Speedos.

Waking up in my Speedos was such a good feeling and my body certainly agreed as I woke up at full attention and it was going to be a while before I would be able to get out of bed without it being noticeable. As I lay there trying to let my excitement subside I was running though my mind whether there would be any Lycra candy during the day and was wondering what the other lads would be wearing under their wet suits. I knew that Chris usually wore jammers in the pool; their was also chat about Sam wearing some skimpy “european” briefs on a stag do last year, but I knew most of the other lads like Liam, Gavin have always worn dork shorts.

After sorting myself out, getting out of bed and putting shorts and t-shirt on I headed down to the kitchen where one of the lads had put some bacon and sausages on which was luring everyone down. I ended up in the lounge room with a coffee while we waiting for everything to cook.

As we were sitting there, there were a few guys were coming through from the front bedrooms to use the bathroom next to the kitchen. Whilst most of these guys were semi dress or in loose cotton boxers it all changed when Matt come through the door.

Whilst immediately I could see that he was just wearing boxers it wasn’t until he took a few step more that I realized that he was wearing tight Lycra Boxer shorts and as he moved across my field of vision I got to see that he was wearing Under Armour brand boxer briefs and as he moved through the lounge my eyes took it all in as quickly as they could.

They were a plain grey Lycra cotton mix but they were certainly a good fit as the waist band sat flat across Matt’s flat lower abs and from the glimpse I saw the fabric that joined the waist band was fitting just as snugly against his bare skin. The color really helped to highlight the definition of his muscles as he turned around the coffee table. After turning at the coffee table he headed out towards the kitchen which now meant that I had a full rear view.

Whilst I sat there trying to take it all in I was just amazed at how snug the grey Lycra fabric was fitting and you could clearly make out his glute muscles move and flex as he walked and the fabric and cut of the boxer shorts really cradled his butt. As my eyes moved across the fabric as it stretched and curved around his butt; I was surprised to see how they fit as I was expecting the fabric to just stretch across the gap between his butt cheeks at the first chance got but they didn’t.

I was now mesmerized as the fabric was clinging onto each butt cheek and the grey colour really helped in defining the shape and curve of each cheek but as it came around to a high point where it could easily leave the skin and create a void it held on just a little bit longer until in the end it let go to stretch across to the other butt cheek; it was like something was pulling the the fabric tight and down between his legs which was creating just that extra special little of snug definition to Matt’s round toned butt.

After breakfast we headed off to the white water rafting center and after a quick briefing from the instructors we were all given wet suits and headed off to the change room. When I went into the change rooms I turned right (away from the toilet area) which lead me into a big room with a bank of tall lockers in the middle of the room and to my left a bench with hooks spaced out above it. The bench followed the wall all the way around the room and then out of sight as it turned on the wall hidden by the lockers.

As I followed the bench around I came around to the back part of the lockers and as I rounded the corner I could now see that the bench continued to a wall and beyond that was a open shower area that was currently occupied by a couple of guys showering off. As more of the guys came into the change room with their gear it soon got pretty busy so I didn’t waste anytime in stripping down to my Rip Curl Speedo.

Whilst the last Stag Do saw the pool being a “Speedo” free zone my Speedos last night when I wore them to bed or this morning, they didn’t raise a comment.

The change room got pretty chaotic quiet quickly and before I knew it we were back out getting helmets, paddles and splitting up into rafts and assigned an instructor.

After a few hours out in the rafts our time was up and time for one last bit of mayhem that saw rafts being boarded and most people being thrown overboard as a result no one was dry by the time we got back to where we had to wash the helmets and wet suits off. This area was was opposite the main reception area where spectators and a couple of groups about to set off on their rafting adventure were.

The instructor said you can hit the showers and bring the wet suits back out, but everyone around me had dork shorts on so they stripped down right there and then; so without a though I followed suit. I now found myself standing there just in my Rip Curl Speedo as I was dunking my wet suit in the dunk tank, I then needed to hang the wet suit up and whilst I was finishing that off someone commented to say “Kudos on rocking the Speedo!”

I’m not sure who made the comment but I’ll take it and as I hung my wet suit up and headed into get changed I was pretty chuffed with myself and walking a little taller. I headed over to the change rooms and found the locker I was sharing with a couple of the guys. After distributed the gear and putting my gear over into a little area in the corner of the room I headed over to the shower.

As I walked into the shower there were four shower heads with three already in use so I grabbed the one straight ahead of the doorway between the main change room and the open shower area.

As I stood there letting the water rinse over my body and Speedos I realised that I hadn’t brought any body wash and really hadn’t thought this far ahead. All of the other guys in the showers next to me still had their dork shorts on and none of them seem to be soaped up either.

I know from previous times at the pool only Chris would get completely naked in an open shower like this so I thought that most of the guys would either jump in the shower rinse off then go and get changed.

After a minute or so under the shower a couple of other guys had come in and one or two of them must have had some shower gel. Everyone was chatting and no one seem to be leaving the shower area so it got quite chaotic quite quickly and for the guys coming in they were either standing back from the flow of water or had starting to swap places with the guys under the shower but the open shower area started to fill up quite quickly.

So far though in all of the commotion I hadn’t actually had my question answered as to what Sam had been wearing under his wet suit but it wasn’t a second or so later before he appeared at the doorway to the shower.

Whilst I’d heard he was wearing he had worn “european” briefs last year around the pool at a Stag Do last year I had never been to a pool with him so it was all hear say.

Well if that is what he usually wears then kudos to him but as he appeared in the door way he was in black jammers and a black rash vest which looked great on him and also (besides my Speedos) the only other bit of Lycra in the area.

As Sam came into the shower area he started to move across to the shower next to me but then turned and headed to the other end of the row of shower heads. As I turned back towards the shower head the guy next to me offered me some body wash which I accepted. After squirting an amount into my hard an placing the body wash down on the floor between the shower heads I stepped out from under the shower to get soaped up whilst one of the other guys stepped forward in under the shower head.

As I stood there in the Rip Curl Speedos rubbing the body wash all over I glanced down the shower area to where Sam had headed and before my eyes found Sam I noticed that all of a sudden the body wash must have been passed around and whilst everyone was still in their dork shorts everyone was getting lathered up.

My eyes finally worked their way through the crowd and finally found Sam under the last shower head. Whilst I was lathering myself up he had taken off his black Lycra rash vest and had just finished taking off his jammers and wash now standing naked as he threw his wet black Lycra jammers across to the opposite wall where his wet black Lycra rash vest now sat.

The next bit happened so quickly as I saw Sam start to lather himself up my attention came back to getting under the shower to wash myself off but as my focus came back to the shower in front of me; my eyes were greeted with a sea of naked bodies. It seemed that it only needed one to get naked and all the dork shorts were now scattered against the wall opposite the shower heads.

I couldn’t believe it a moment ago I was the least dressed under the showers in my RipCurl Speedos and within a moment of Sam dropping his jammers, I was now the only on dressed under the showers.



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