A Speedo Free zone….

A couple of weeks back one I had an old friends stag do (bachelor party) and whilst I’m not sure how other countries do it, here in the UK it is usually Lads on Tour time. We congregated at Gatwick at 8am for our first of many pints before our flight to Spain who was going to be the host nation for the weekend.

The chat had obviously started days before on WhatsApp and the excitement was growing the week before as the Villa we booked had a great pool area so I had been thinking all week what Speedos I was going to pack. I was getting quite excited, well that was of course until I picked up my phone off my desk one afternoon and started catching up on the chat. As I read down the screen my heart sunk as I read “Pool is a Speedo-free zone Ben; please bring board shorts!”.

I didn’t know Ben that well and so I didn’t know what level of a Speedo wearer he was but I did know my friend the Stag had worn Speedos in the past so whilst that had killed my buzz I tried to look at the silver lining and hope that now that is has been verbalized Ben would definitely bring his Speedos!

I did of course pack a pair of Speedos namely my black Rip Curl trunks with the logo across the back, I also grabbed a pair of my old favourite Quicksilver board shorts that are white with a fine grey pinstripe running vertically.

We landed just after lunch and headed to meet up with a couple of the guys that had flown in separately and continue the drinking. After a few more pints we headed off with the best man to meet the owner and pick up the keys to the villa. We arrived at the villa and got the tour of the ground floor and outdoor areas. Whilst a lot of the guys grabbed their bags and headed up to grab a bed in one of the many rooms a bunch of us headed out to the supermarket to do a quick beer and food run.

When we got back I headed upstairs and found a bed in one an empty top floor rooms. I grabbed my board shorts from my bag as whilst I felt guilty leaving my Speedos where they were I knew that for now I will play by the rules as it was the first day but I knew tomorrow was another day.

After lacing up my board shorts and grabbing my sunglasses I headed out to where the majority of lads were around the pool. As I walked to where the main group of guys were my eyes scanned the group and it was a Speedo & Lycra free zone.

Today was going to be a chilled time at the Villa as there were other guys flying in at different times over the next few hours and with the next two nights out meeting the locals we thought we’d make the most of the facilities. For the next hour or so I didn’t actually get into the pool but just moved around catching up with some of the guys that I hadn’t seen for so long and a few times whilst I was standing there just in my board shorts and sunglasses my mind drifted up to my bag in my room with my Speedos sitting there by themselves.

Whilst I’ve written about this a few times usually the first thing I do normally is change into a pair of Speedos and head straight into the nearest pool but, I couldn’t believe it myself but after about an hour or so I was still standing there in bone dry board shorts. I finished off the conversation and at the next opportunity I put my beer and my sunglasses on a table, walked over the pool and dove in.

As my body entered the cool clear water and glided through the water I was just drinking in all the sensations of the water rushing over my skin. I could feel the force of the water pull my board shorts down slightly until the material of the waistband was taught at the front against my hips and at the back straining against the top curve of my butt. Whilst the waistband was tight the rest of the material was flapping and moving with the water against my legs and butt, it was a very alien feeling compared to the feel of water rushing through the Lycra.

I surfaced after gliding underwater for a while and hung out in the pool for quite a while. At one stage someone passed my beer and sunglasses down to me and there was enough of us taking turns to get more beer from the fridge that it was a couple of more hours before I needed to get out of the pool. When I did finally get out I swam from the deep end towards the ladder closest to the villa and the area where most of the guys were sitting. I then reached up and grabbed to sides of the ladder and started to lift myself out of the pool.

I didn’t think anything of it as I was following the rules and my board shorts are ones that I have worn many times before (more out of the pool but on rare occasion I have worn them in the water) but, the further I pulled myself out of the water the more it felt like someone had pressed the slow motion as people started to turn in my direction. I didn’t quite know what was happening, but as I was getting out of the pool I was once again concentrating on the feeling of my wet board shorts starting to get heavy as they came out of the water and started to cling to the first bit of skin that the wet fabric came in contract with.

I stepped out on to the terrace next to the pool and as I started to shake and pull my wet board shorts to stop them clinging to my body, the comments started and to my surprise my favourite white QuickSilver board shorts weren’t as PG rated as I believed and I had now just provided the Stag Do with it’s first bit of Adult Entertainment. I continued to shake my board shorts and was just stunned at the fact that they were so see thru and secondly the ribbing I was getting from the lads.

The night continued on through dinner and drinking games which resulted in a few of the guys getting naked in the pool before people started to head off to bed. The following morning was a slow start and I was feeling a little worse for wear after the night before but we headed out for some activities followed by a late lunch before heading back to the Villa for a few hours. As soon as we got back to the villa every one headed up to change and then down to the pool so as I walked in to the room I was in, the other two guys I was sharing with were already there.

After yesterday’s revealing moment I had decided that I played by rules on day one but from this point on the only way was Speedo! I walked over to the end of my bed and grabbed my Rip Curl Speedos out and started to get undressed. I was facing away from my room mates so I just assumed that they would be doing the same and as soon as I had taken my shorts and boxers off I stepped into my Speedos and pulled them up. It wasn’t until I had slid them all the way that up over my butt I heard one of the boys make the obvious comment of “you’re wearing Speedos?” to which I quickly replied “well it’s either these or my see thru board shorts”.

Surprisingly he came back to say he’d prefer the see thru board shorts but it was time rid the pool of it’s “Speedo free” zoning.

I finished putting sun cream on before heading down stairs and braced myself for what was going to be a long walk down two flights of stairs and out through the communal area to the pool.

As I came out onto the landing and down to the stairs to the next floor my heart was pounding as I thought any second one of the boys were going to appear to me just in my Speedos walking through the house and the ribbing would start, but I got to the next floor without encountering anyone.

With a slight pause at the top of the next set of stairs I started down with my heart still pounding and all my senses were on high alert as I made my way down the stairs.

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