Skins, skins & more skins…..

Last week I wrote about stalking down a pair of Funky Trunks Sugar Smash (read about that here) and whilst I was at one of the shops I came across some more Lycra that really got my heart racing.

After unsuccessfully looking through the racks of Speedo style swimwear looking for the trunks that I saw the guy wear at the pool I headed over to another section of the store and had a look around there for some new gear. After a quick look there I was heading back through the store but before I reached the exit I noticed a few guys were looking at the Skins display and as a guy who can never have enough Lycra I thought I would take a quick look to see what was on offer.

The Skins display was at the end of an aisle and was double sided so each side was effectively an continuation of the respective aisle. As I approached down the first aisle I saw a few guys on this side of the aisle so I was intrigued as to what they were looking at and also what stock there was for me. Both of the guys were quite athletic, one was looking at a couple of compression tops and the other was looking at the tights. I scanned what was on offer and the prices, which was just a range of tops, tights and shorts in black, white and red which are colours I already have and the prices weren’t any cheaper than the normal outlets so the credit card was safe.

I moved past the guys that were still selecting their gear and moved around to the other aisle and the other side of the display. When I came around the corner there were a few more guys having a look at what was on this side so at first I had to sneak some glances around them at what was there and also what was on display. From what I could see the top part of the display was full of shorts and this was what they guys were looking at. It wasn’t until they moved aside that I noticed the different colours and that is when my heart started to race.

burg cut skinsBefore me was a range of Skins compression shorts at a really good price but the colours on offer were ones that I hadn’t seen before and colours that I think are really great in Lycra. Starting from the top left hand corner I could see red shorts which were the same red that I had seen before but as my eyes moved across to the right the red changed to burgundy and I have this colour in a couple of pairs of Aussiebum swim briefs and so once I was able to get close enough I knew I had to investigate and get a pair out of the box and check out the actual colour Lycra.

Forest Green Skins CutMy eyes also moved down to the next row and started to move left to right again and it wasn’t long before my eyes fell on some forest green shorts and once again I have this colour in a couple of pairs of Aussiebum swim briefs and I actually had never seen this colour in compression gear before so I had to have them.

With my heart racing my credit card now was not safe in my back pocket but first things first I needed to get my hands on these Lycra shorts and see the colours and fabrics. I was so focused on these shorts now I couldn’t tell you whether there was anyone standing next to me or not but I reached out for the box of the burgundy shorts and started to look at the photo on the packaging and the way the colour and the fabric on the model was just awesome. It was getting to much and I felt like a kid at Christmas, so I turned the box on it’s end and opened the top of the box which revealed the burgundy Lycra and whilst I really wanted to just put them on there and then I restrained myself and just pulled the folded shorts up out of the box a little way to reveal the waist band and about an inch or two of the main part of the shorts.

Standing there in the store completely engrossed in these burgundy shorts, I couldn’t help my self and wanted to feel the fabric between my fingers and I was able to get a couple of fingers under the layers of fabric and it was really exciting to see this colour Lycra flex and react to my fingers moving slowly underneath.

I was sold and after packing the shorts back into their box and putting them back on the shelf I grabbed a pair of the forest green ones and repeated the same inspection process. After a few minutes I had a pair of red, burgundy and forest green Skins compressions shorts in my hand and headed over to the cashier. After walking out the store with my new pairs of shorts I had another couple of stores to check out but I was walking taller than before now and feeling very happy with myself and was really looking forward to getting home to try them all on.

After checking out the stores and making a couple of other stops it was a couple of hours before I managed to pull into my parents driveway and with most of the family home it was going to be a little longer before I managed to get the bag of shorts up to my room to try them on. Once I got my chance to slip away I headed off to my room closing the door behind me as I new the excitement of trying these new shorts on was going to test the front of the shorts out.

I tried the red pair on first and as I stood there in front of the mirror there was no hiding that my body was responding in a very positively to the feel of the Lycra against my skin. I moved around for a minute or two in this first pair of short before moving on to the forest green pair and as I bent forward to pull them up over my legs I took my time as I watched the green Lycra flex and move up my legs which was just incredible.

Forest Green Skins Montage

I got everything into position and stood there in front of the mirror completely excited at the sight of these green Lycra shorts and as I turned and moved it was in heaven just watching the light and Lycra move as it stretched across my body.

After a little bit I had one last pair to try on so I reached for the burgundy pair, slowly slid the green ones down and pulled them on slowly watching the bottoms of the shorts grip and move as they climbed up my legs. I stood there for another couple of minutes just enjoying the way that the shorts felt against my skin.

As I stood there in these burgundy shorts I knew I couldn’t just have one pair of these and the forest green shorts so I’d have to head back to the store tomorrow and try and pick up another pair in each colour.

Burgundy Skins Montage



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