All the different fits…

It’s the first week of Wimbledon so it is continuing to rain and so hopefully summer won’t be to far away! Despite the rain I’m still managing to cycle and get a good couple of sessions in the pool before my first open water swim event for the year.

The majority of our swimming now is done in the local outdoor pool, but if there is lighting or the work schedule dictates then we head to the indoor pool which is what happened on Thursday night. I got down there first and was in the pool for about 10 minutes before I saw Mike (in his Speedo jammers) emerge from the change rooms and head for the fast lane. Since buying another pair of the Adidas three stripe Speedos I have been living in them and I was wearing them again on Thursday evening.

After being in the pool for about 20 minutes it had been quite quiet and Mike even commented on this whilst we were taking a quick breather between sets of laps, but no more than a lap later as I turned and was heading back up the lane I saw out of the corner of my eye a pair of black Speedos emerge from the showers and as I swam the rest of this lap every time I breathed on that side I tried my hardest to get a good look before they got submerged.

From what I could see whilst swimming the guy in these Speedos was average height, quite lean and looked very comfortable in his black Speedos. He was just at the top of the stairs leading into the pool when I need to flip so I was going to have to wait until my next lap to investigate further.

As I turned after the next lap I took a look up toward the other end of the pool and I was really happy to see that he moved across the pool from the stairs and was getting himself ready in the lane next to mine.  I had a few more laps in the set to do so I tried to put this guy out of my head until I finished this set, but  after that lap I turned and was starting to lengthen out and start my stroke when I saw something move out to the left of me and it wasn’t long before I realised that he had pushed off the wall to start his laps a second or two after I had pushed off from the wall. There was going to be no way I could ignore this guy now as we were now swimming side by side, man what a good view I was getting as I looked across at him whilst doing my laps.

He was wearing basic black Speedo endurance briefs and they fitted him extremely well. His great swimming technic and his body suggested that he was a very proficient swimmer and the way that his Speedos fit him suggested that he was a competition swimmer as they looked a size to small for him as there was no part of the Lycra that looked loose.

Black Montage 1 cut

We continued to swim back and forth for a while and gradually some of the lanes were starting to fill up. After a few more people had joined me in my lane Mike still had his fast lane to himself well that was until the guy in the black Speedos decided (after his lane got busy) to head across to join Mike in his lane.

As you can imagine I was taking every opportunity I could to grab a look at this guy’s Speedo under the water and he really did wear these Speedos well as they looked like someone had poured hot liquid Lycra onto his body and sculpted these Speedos around his waist, butt and bulge with a spatula. The Speedos moulded so much to his body that I wasn’t able to make out any sign of the drawstring being tied and tucked down into the front.

At one point as I was coming to the end of another set of laps I could see that Mike and this guy were leaning against the wall chatting so as I approached the wall I did a slight duck dive and swam the rest of the way under water so that I could look across and take in the view of Mike and this guy from under the water.

As my eyes scanned the view in front of me the guy’s black Lycra waist of his Speedos sat perfectly horizontal from hip to hip and as it came around to go across the top of his butt it continued to be just this perfectly horizontal line of black Lycra. These Speedos were so perfectly formed that I looked like a wide piece of gaffer tape had been wrapped around him with a little curved piece taken out on the sides to allow his legs to breathe.

Black Montage 2 cut

After a few more laps I was luckily enough to be heading back from a lap to see this guy get out the pool and watching his body and Speedos emerge from the water and up onto the pool deck was just amazing and I was just trying to take it all in before watching him stride into the showers. I was wishing that I didn’t more laps to do as who ever was the shower now was about to get a great show of lean wet black Lycra.

Whilst I was disciplined and continued with my training it took a couple of laps to get my mind off what I was imagining was happening in the changes rooms, but whilst I had been concentrating mainly on Mike’s lane buddy now I could focus on the other pair of Speedos that had been in the lane next to me for about ten minutes.

I had seen him emerge from the change rooms as he was wearing red Arena Speedos but unlike the guy in the black Speedos he was thicker set almost a Rugby player build. It was amazing to watch the difference in the way both of their Speedos fit each of them  and whilst the first guy’s Speedo’s sat perfectly horizontally around his hips, the second guy’s waist band sat higher in the back and lower in the front.

Red Rugby Speedo 1

Similarly both guy’s had the Speedo and Arena logos on the left hip and both were a plain colour with no other design. The guy in the Arena brief whilst no loose red Lycra was to be seen the Speedos were the correct size and didn’t have the shine and tautness of the black Lycra on the guy that had just headed to the showers

As we continued to swim laps the guy in the red Arena briefs certainly was a lot curvier that the competitive swimmer and the amount of Lycra need to cover his butt was about double whilst the sides were skinner widening again as the Lycra stretched out to form a perfectly full formed pouch to contain his bulge.Red Rugby Cuta

Mike and I continued to get the laps in and it wasn’t long before the guy in the red Arena Speedos headed for the showers, but we had about another 10 minutes of laps to go. We continued and I was feeling pretty content considering that two other guys in Speedos had joined us and my Addidas three stripe Speedos were feeling great and it was a good last training session before having to getting into the wetsuit on the weekend for the long open water swim.

Mike finished up first and headed for the showers, but I was only a couple of laps behind him. Once I finished I walked past to shower area and saw Mike’s towel hanging over his usual shower stall opposite the disabled shower. I continued walking towards the changing area and my timing could not have been better because as I came out into the main changing area there was a guy getting changed on the main bench in the middle of the changing room and just before I had entered he had pulled on his grey Speedos and was just tying up the drawstring.

As I took in the view in front of me I thought I had had a bit of a Speedo Goldilocks night as the first pair were black, a size too small, firm fitting and lean; the second pair were red, a relaxed fit, firm fitting and a solid build. This final pair were grey with the classic Speedo logo on the left hip and were a loose fit, so where the other two created a firm smooth rounded bulge on the guys that were wearing them, the Lycra on the grey Speedos in front of me was relaxed and seems to hang from the drawstring and had a vintage look to them.

I guess this is where the phrase banana hammock comes from as the guy was dressed to the left but the Lycra created a relaxed sling effect for him which I would imagine would allow quite a bit of movement. The other major difference was that the drawstring in the waist seemed to be sitting quite high across his butt and then sitting a lot lower at the front.

Loose grey cut 15

As I got to my locker I grabbed my towel and body wash and tried to look back to get another look at these Speedos as I was fascinated with how these Speedos were fitting this guy who seem probably around twenty and was athletic but toned rather that fully ripped.

I only managed to get a view of the front of these grey Speedos as he was facing toward the centre of the room as he packed his clothes away and although the front view was great I was very intrigued to see a 360 degree view.

After closing the locker I headed back across the change room to the showers and headed for the first shower stall next to the door. As I came around the corner I saw Mike’s hand come from in the shower stall and hang his wet Speedo Jammers on the hook on the wall just outside stall. I proceeded to get in the shower and rinse off and after a good soaking I started to lather and it wasn’t long before I saw Mike walk past wrapped in his towel heading for the changing room.

I was now alone in the showers and as I continued to lather up my mind was replaying all the last hour of Speedo candy. As I stood with my back towards the taps and shower head facing out towards the center of the shower area I stood there just enjoying the sensation of the water hitting my shoulders and running down washing the suds off and soaking through the black Lycra  of my Addidas Speedos.

Standing in the is position allowed me a view out of the shower area and the doorway that leads out to the pool. As I stood there gazing outwards all of sudden I saw the guy in the grey Speedos walk out towards the pool and he was now wearing a swimming cap and I got a great view from behind and whilst the front was loose fitting the Lycra on the back was stretched tightly cross his but and it was a great view.

Loose grey cut 14

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