Sugar Smash Stalker…

Over the last 6 months I’ve been traveling a lot for both business and pleasure, as you would expect I always have a great selection of Lycra with me. I always try and book hotels with a pool and as I’ve mentioned before there is nothing I like better after a flight than slipping on a pair of Speedos and heading for the pool, so much so that if you were to look through my hand luggage you would find a pair of Speedos tucked away somewhere. This is mainly to avoid having to open the case straight away and just in case my luggage doesn’t arrive at the same time.

One of the trips I did just over a month ago was out to my parents place (who now live abroad) and all of the family arrived around the same time so it was pretty hectic, which meant that it wasn’t until later that evening on the day I arrived that I got some time to slip into the Speedos that I had in my carry on luggage and head out to the pool to chill.

As I mentioned in a previous blog about the last time I was out at my family’s place I hadn’t packed any trunks so when I looked in the draws in my room I had only left a pair of blue Arena trunks which I lived in for duration of my stay. This time however I had packed a pair of black Adidas trunks with the iconic three white stripes on the side in my hand luggage so grabbed these and headed out to the pool and had a quick swim before heading to bed.

adidas-3-stripes-swim-trunk cutThe next morning as my parent’s pool isn’t really a lap pool I headed down to the local lido to work out the kinks and as the black Adidas trunks were hanging in the shower from the previous evening these were the easiest choice. After heading through the main reception and outside again to the lap pool I found a very empty pool with only a couple of other swimmers spread out across the lanes. After stripping off and jumping into the pool I started off down the lane (that I had to myself) and was just enjoying how blue and clear the water looked with the sun shining through it, but it wasn’t long into the first lap that the swimmer in the lane next to mine caught my attention as they swam past.

As he approached me, my eyes scanned down his body to see what swimwear he was wearing and he had on a pair of brightly colored Speedo style trunks and as whilst initially it was the colour that caught my eye as he got closer and on the subsequent passes in our lanes it was also a design that I had not seen before. I was instantly obsessed with finding out more about the design and every time we would pass each other I would try to get my breathing right so that my head would turn just as he passed so that I could hopefully see more of the design and after a couple passes I had worked out that the design was made up of logos or stickers laid side by side.

One of the great things I do like about traveling and getting to train in different pools around the globe is seeing the differing attitudes to Speedos and whilst mostly in the UK it’s not the norm to see a lot of Speedos at the pool the Speedos that you do see are generally black or another dark color and with very little design. Another little bad habit do have is that when I see a pair of Speedos, cycling gear or any thing with Lycra that I like I just have to get a pair of them for myself.

FT Sugar Smash1

As we continued to swim back and forth I got some good glimpses of this swimmer in his brightly colored trunks but I hadn’t been able to make out a logo or any markings that would give me and idea of what brand they were. I managed at one point to be heading towards the wall as he was standing resting at the end of the pool and I thought that this would be a perfect opportunity to get a good full view of the front of his trunks and so as I got close enough I stopped my stroke and did a little duck dive and proceeded to glide through the water towards the wall and whilst I tried to keep my head as straight as I could my eyes were looking to the right scanning the front of his trunks looking for a logo but all I was able to get were a could of the words on some of the stickers.

After a good session in the pool I still hadn’t managed to work out what brand the trunks this guy was wearing and it was almost time to leave so I committed the words on the stickers that I had seen to memory and hoped that I would be able to find them on the internet or in the local shops. I finished off the final lap, grabbed my bag and headed for the change rooms. After showering off in an empty change room I was just finishing up and I heard the door open, as I turned I saw the guy in is brightly colored trunks come through the door.

He headed to a bench close to the door which was a great position for me as I would be able to get another close up look as I needed to walk past him to the door. I finished up and closed my bag up before heading for the door, as I approached him he was toweling himself off and facing the wall which was going to allow me to check out his trunks more easily, but as a I got closer he turned slightly and he looked my way so in an instance my chance for one last look disappeared and I thought striking up a conversation about where he got his trunks from whilst he was drying off in the change rooms might be a bit weird so I continued to the door and headed home.

Later that afternoon when I had some down time on the couch so I got the iPad out and started to search for those trunks as after this morning’s encountered I had been thinking about them and needed a pair of them for my collection. Over the next hour or so I tried search after search using the logos and phrases that I had seen on his trunks and searched several swimwear website but unfortunately I came up with nothing. I ended up doing a search on stores in the local area as I thought so long as they were not brought a couple of seasons ago I should be able to locate them on somewhere.

Over the next week I visited all of the stores in the area that would have them, but to my frustration I didn’t find them. I even tried to go back to the pool around the same time but didn’t see him again so once again I filed the memories of the trunks to the back of my brain and put them down to a pair of trunks that got away!

Whilst I was searching for this trunks I did also have in the back of my mind the Speedos that I had seen in the hotel airport in Dubai and so I managed to find myself a pair like these that were basic black with the Speedo logo printed across the bum, so whilst the brightly colored trunks had alluded me I did manage to add another pair of Speedos to my collection.

7819-10053-400-speedo-mens-swim-brief CUT

As I mentioned at the beginning post I had brought a pair of Adidas trunks with me and I had brought these about a month ago and I really enjoyed wearing them on this trip so I thought instead of taking them back to London I would leave them here with a couple of other pairs of Speedos so that I could enjoy them again when I come back next time. I now have a stash of about 10 pairs of Speedos permanently out there so even more of an incentive to visit.

Fast forward a few weeks later and I had a week back in London and a couple of meetings up near Piccadilly Circus and after those as I headed back to the train station I was walking towards the store where I had brought the Adidas trunks from early and thought it wouldn’t hurt to go in and see if they had another pair in stock as after leaving the other pair behind I had missed swimming in them.

I headed in and luckily they still had a pair of the Adidas three stripe briefs so I grabbed a pair and before I headed off to pay for them I decided I might as well have a quick search through to see what else they had. After a look through the men’s section towards the back of one of the racks of swimwear I saw two pairs of trunks that had bright designs on them. I pulled the plain black pair of Speedos back to reveal a brightly colored pair but they didn’t really do anything for me so I thought the pair of trunks I had in my hand were a good enough treat for today but before going I moved the front brightly colored pair aside and the second pair behind were a different design and it took me a second or two but something looked familiar and then I realized that here were the trunks I had been searching for after seeing them on the guy in the pool.

FT Sugars Smash

Unfortunately whilst I thought the Lycra Gods were smiling on me that day the one pair in the store were a size or two too big so I took a photo of their tags and at least now I had a brand and a design name for them so as soon as I was on the train I had my phone doing a google search and not long after that I was typing in my credit card details and then I knew that the euphoric sensation of finally getting my hands on my very own pair was a day or two away.

FT Sugar Smash2

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