First group ride of the UK Summer

After a crazy couple of months of travel I have a couple of weekends in London and after a couple of failed attempts we managed to get a group cycle organised. My bike has been a bit neglected as I’ve been mainly been training in the pool so it was great to slip back into my Castelli bibs.

We were all meeting in Richmond Park to start and I was a little late so I was expected for the whole gang to be there ready to go but as I rolled into the café parking lot I couldn’t initially see any of them but soon I spotted Mike sitting by himself on the grass. I headed over to find out where everyone else was and as I got closer I could see that he was wearing his new kit that he had got a couple of weeks earlier.

Mikes Maap kit

After talking to Mike for a little bit I spotted Liam coming across from the café with a coffee and as soon as I saw him walking towards us my attention quickly changed from Mike to Liam as it’s been a while since I had seen him in his cycling kit but boy he certainly cut an amazing picture. His club kit must have been in the wash as today he was wearing a full Rapha outfit and it was looking like it was specially made just for him as he was really rocking his kit.

As Liam got closer I lost myself in his black bibs as they really worked with his body and I don’t think there was one part of these bibs that wasn’t snug up against his skin. Watching the Lycra move as he walked was hypnotic and as my eyes moved up his thighs there was no sign of the Lycra relaxing. The full frontal view that I was enjoying just got better as his shorts wrapped around his hips in one direction and then in the opposite direction across his full bulge as it pushed the pad in his shorts forwards as he had tucked himself in behind the pad this morning.

Rpaha Montage

Liam’s jersey was sitting quite high and so I was able to see the black Lycra of his bib shorts move against his lower abs as it was just below where the straps start to materialise where his Jersey started and the Lycra dissapeared under it. His jersey was the white data top which I think came out last year and it was tight and being mostly white you could see the lines from the bib straps underneath it. As my eyes followed the white and black material up over his toned stomach the jersey wrapped around his body it reminded my of Chris in his white base layers during the ski trip earlier this year.

Rapha Data TopAs we stood there talking Liam’s chest and shoulders were in my line of view and I could see the outline of his bib short straps as they rested against his pecs before raising up and over his shoulders and disappeared down his back. The light white fabric stretching across his chest also revealed the outline of his nipples and I’m not sure if it was the feel of the Lycra bib straps pressing against them but they were looking very firm and erect.

Rapha Base Layer montage

Whilst we stood there talking waiting for the other boys to arrive Mike mentioned his new kit and whilst Liam was talking his hand moved to the bottom of his jersey and proceeded to play with the bottom of his jersey and at one stage it lifted it up slightly which showed the fabric of his base layer that he was wearing underneath. It also showed that full front of Lycra that was stretching from between his legs up over the pad and where it came back to meet his skin before resting on his lower abs just below his naval.

A few minutes later in the conversation Liam was mentioning his base layer and proceeded to unzip his jersey which exposed the white honeycomb style transparent Rapha that was tightly stretching out between the two front straps of his bib shorts. His jersey was only open for less than a minute but that was all that I needed to drink in ike how the material stretched across his body.

I couldn’t believe it we haven’t even been here for 10 minutes and I have just had the best show of Lycra candy by Liam and this was even before we got on our bikes which would give me the back view of Liam in his Rapha kit.

Since last year we have had a few new recruits to the cycling gang and whilst Mike, Liam and I chatted I continued to take the chance to take in them in their cycling Lycra. It wasn’t before long though that Mike pointed our Flynn on the road and my attention was finally moved from Liam’s cycling Lycra to the question that had been in the back of my mine since late last year when I heard that Gavin had taken up cycling.

As I turned to look in the direction of the road I quickly spotted Flynn and was a little disappointed to see that he had some loose soccer shorts on over his bibs which was a bit of a surprise as the one time I had ridden with him a couple of years back he has wearing just a pair of bib shorts and jersey so looks like things have changed.

Shortly after spotting him my eyes started to scan the road to find Gavin but as I wasn’t sure how he would be wearing and I hadn’t seen his new bike I didn’t manage to lock eyes on him until he was getting closer and was about to turn in to the Café carpark.

I’ve known Gavin for quite a few years now but until the end of last year he hadn’t shown any interest in cycling or I had never seen him wear any Lycra base layers or compression gear and the couple of times we’ve been swimming he has always worn board shorts, so I really had nothing to go on when trying to work out whether he would embrace the full Lycra cycling kit or not.

I first spotted his red DHB cycling jersey as he got off his bike and started to walk across the carpark towards us and then my eyes moved directly to his black shorts and as his got closer I had to try and contain the smile that was now appearing on my face as I realised that he was wear just DHB bib shorts and no loose shorts to cover them like Flynn.

Both Gavin and Flynn come over to join us and whilst Mike finished his coffee I took the opportunity to check out Gavin’s new cycling kit. I don’t know if it was the red colour of the jersey but it really did look good on him and as it stretched across his shoulders the fabric showed off the lines of his bib short straps as they rested underneath on his shoulders.

Gavins DHB Jersey

No one seemed in a rush to get out on the road so I didn’t mind as it gave me more opportunity to steal some glances and as my eyes moved down towards the bottom of Gavin’s cycling jersey I noticed that whilst across his shoulders and chest the Lycra in his jersey was working hard to bend and flex it started to relax and hang off his pecs. With the jersey a little relaxed over his lower torso I couldn’t make out the outline of his bib shorts so it wasn’t until I started to see the grip tape on the bottom of his red jersey take hold on the black Lycra underneath that I knew my eyes were now going to be in for the treat of taught black Lycra.

Gavin’s kit was all pretty new and so the Lycra still had some of that new shine on it before it loses it as you clocks up the miles which really highlighted the lines and curves of what it was covering and as my eyes moved down the front of his bib shorts I noticed that it was highlighting the V shape of where his legs and torso meet which help the shorts to create perfect pouch with the pad to contain him.

Gavins DHB Bib Short2 Gavins DHB Bib Short

After Mike finished his coffee we finally saddled up and took off for the ride which gave me more of an opportunity to see Gavin’s kit and it was great to see that he was confident enough to Lycra up. Over the course of the ride I got some great glimpse of his kit from difference angles and from any angle I continually thanked my lucky stars that I was getting this opportunity to watch as the Black Lycra of his bib shorts worked with his body as we rode through out the day.

We rode for a couple of hours which ended up back at our old local hangout and everyone was pretty much ready for a beer. As we sat down on the low picnic table style bench for our first pint Gavin sat directly opposite me which allowed gave me an amazing view of the Lycra crease as his legs bent to sit down and I must be honest as I sat there I did steal some more glances in his direction and when he was leaning back a little from the table it allowed a great view of the pouch that the pad and Lycra shorts were creating on him.


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2 thoughts on “First group ride of the UK Summer

  1. What a pleasure to read the description of the bicycle lycra outfit! I am a cyclist and my cock harden in Lycra bib shorts. I love cycling, because sex with cyclists cool!


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