Easter in U.A.E – Pre Flight Speedo Swim

So it’s been a pretty good couple of days stopover but like every trip the flight home always comes around before long. As I have an early afternoon flight I thought I would move to a hotel closer to the airport so there was no infinitely lap pool waiting for me this morning, but I wasn’t going to let the last day of sunshine go by without one more trip to the pool.

When I arrived at the hotel last night I went past the pool on the way to the pub for dinner and compared to the pools and private beach that I have had at my disposal for the last couple of days this was a paddling pool, but a pool nonetheless. It was a kidney shaped pool around a pool bar and had one row of sun lounges around it. This morning when I came down after breakfast there were a couple of English guys out in their loose shorts, a couple of older couples and a few families out so they all must have had the same idea as I did.

By the time I had walked over to get a towel I had scanned the pool area and the only Speedo in the area was under my baggy basket ball style shorts. All of the sun lounges were taken so I started to walk around the pool to the other side of the pool that had a bit of a grassed area. As I walked around the pool I noticed that the pool wrapped around a bit more than I was expecting and there was a kids section which was currently being used by a guy with his young daughter. He was sitting down in the water so only his shoulders were above the water so I was unsure of what he was wearing.

As I got closer to the other side of the pool I noticed that there were some chairs and table next to the bar so headed that way and put my towel down and started to take off my t-shirt and shorts off. I was wearing my red Carioca trunks again today so once I had stripped down to just them I turned and walked back to the pool. After walking down the steps into the water I started to swim the length of the pool and when I got to the other end I turned and started to head back again.

As I was on my way back I saw the guy in the kiddies section stand up and to my utter surprise as his body raised up out of the water a pair of classic black speedos appeared and all of a sudden a very ordinary swim in an airport hotel just got interesting! As I continued towards that end of the pool I continued to try and take as much of the front view of his Speedos in as I could and wow did they look good on this guy.

They were full black with maybe a 1-2cm side on them so they accentuated his long legs and this guy I would say would have been about 6’2″ and was very lean so he cut a very impressive figure in his Speedos.

Once I got back to the end near my gear I thought I might hang around here for a minute to drink in the view. As I sat on the steps it was the perfect position as it was facing down the length of the pool but didn’t require me to turn my head to view the shallower area. I was trying not to stare but I just couldn’t keep my eyes of his Speedos as he stood there watching his daughter. So far he had been standing facing me so I assumed that from the look of the front the back would be plain black, but after a few minutes of watching him I was to get the second surprise of the day and if it I couldn’t keep my eyes off his black Speedo now after what was about to happen it was really going to get my heart racing and glue my eyes to these Speedos.

There was a low wall which separated the kiddies area from the main pool and as I watched he walked through the water and proceeded to turn and sit on the wall which now meant that I had a full back view of him and his Speedos and as he turned to sit the plain back of his Speedos began to reveal a large Speedo logo in white which stretched across his bum and as he lowered himself down to sit on the wall watching the black Lycra and the white lettering move over his butt really got me excited.

I haven’t seen a pair of Speedos like this since maybe the late 90’s when it was the craze to have the logo across the butt. As he sat there on the wall he would occasionally lean forward and move his weight from one cheek to the other as his daughter continued to play in the water in front of him. With the combination of the wet black Lycra and the white lettering moving and adjusting against his bare butt underneath it was just unbelievable to watch.

7819-10053-400-speedo-mens-swim-brief CUT

After a few minutes of watching him shitting on the wall I was thanking my lucky stars that I hadn’t hung around in the room this morning as what I had in front of me was a perfect black Lycra cover butt and the white Speedo Logo over the tightly stretched Lycra was just the icing on the cake. The way that the Speedos stretched down from the drawstring that wrapped around his waist really accentuated the roundness of his butt and created a great line as the bare skin reached up over his narrow waist and rose through his lower back before his lats started to flare out and over his shoulders.

It wasn’t long before he was on the move again and this time he walked over the edge of the pool to grab a couple pairs of googles and after putting his and his daughter’s on he proceeded to sit back on the wall and lift his daughter up onto the wall and then move around to lower himself and the his daughter into the main pool and start to swim backwards helping his daughter in the deeper water to the other end of the pool.

Whilst they were off swimming in the deep end of the pool I was able to get my excitement in check and I had now been sitting here in the same spot for a while but I was about to move for anyone.

I’m not sure how long they were swimming in the pool but after a while I saw them heading back to the end where I was still sitting. As they got closer to the swallower part they started to practice their duck diving and as they did their first dives I watched as their heads disappeared under the water and headed for the bottom of the pool. Like when a whale’s tale breeches the surface of the water when they dive I waited and watched and sure enough as his bare back rolled up, over and down into the water and it wasn’t too long before the bare wet skin was followed by wet black Lycra.

As he body folded in half as they reached for the bottom of the pool it created the perfect roundness to his butt and as the soaking wet Lycra raised out of the water to meet the sunshine it created one amazing view and the white letter of the logo just enhanced the whole thing. I don’t know if this guy knew what he was doing but from the way that he was first sitting on the wall and the way he was now duck diving in this pair of Speedos it was like watching an animal moving in perfect harmony with it’s environment.

As they continued to duck dive their way back to my end of the pool I had my eyes set to record as I knew this was a rare speedo opportunity that deserved being captured in my memory banks and as they got closer I was able to capture more and more of the wet shimmering black Lycra move this guys body.

Dubai Airport Speedo Surprise

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