Easter in U.A.E Day 3

Today is the last full day today here as I have an early afternoon flight back to London tomorrow, so whilst I would like to have another full day in my Speedos on the beach it’s probably best that I get out and see what is about and experience some things from this part of the world.

I was up early as I wanted to get my laps in before breakfast and so after grabbing my red suit (from where it had been hanging over the taps in the shower after yesterday’s post swim shower) I headed down to a deserted pool area with only the lifeguards and a couple of pool attendants working away.

I was the first into the pool today and shortly after I had started my laps a couple of people came down but they were just in loose shorts so nothing to spark any interest. Once again it was great to feel the sun on my back as I swam up and down the pool and like yesterday after a while I came out of the pool quite refreshed and feeling really good in my skin and in my red trunks.

Unlike yesterday though there wasn’t anyone on the sun lounges as I headed to the outdoor shower to rinse off, so by the time I had got back to my room I was feeling good and headed for the shower. My room had a big raindrop shower head which I love showering under and so I stripped down to my trunks and jumped in. Even when I’m alone in hotel I always like to follow the same routine as I would when I’m at the pool which is showering in my trunks and soaking them through before soaping up and then rinsing everything.

Once I’m done with this my trunks are so soaked through that I will usually just need to give them a little help down to the tops of my thights before the movement of my legs and gravity takes hold and they fall onto the tops of my feet and the shower floor. After stepping out of them it’s time to lathering up again before rinsing myself. The only difference now is off course I usually leave my trunks hanging in the shower as I think they look so great as the water drains out of the Lycra whilst I towel myself off.

2016-03-19 14.40.40

After getting dressed and heading down to breakfast where I was able to get a table on the terrace which overlooked the lap pool which looked about as quiet as when I was down here earlier so I keep one eye out whilst I ate breakfast and checked my emails.

I was half way through my breakfast when I noticed a guy wearing a loose tshirt and baggy basketball style shorts walking along that path that ran between the terrace and the pool, but what sparked my interest was that he was dressed similar to the way I had walked down to the pool earlier. As he came closer I was able to make out that he was carrying some goggles and so I was hoping that under his baggy basketball shorts he would be wearing Lycra.

He continued down the path before turning to grab a towel from one of the pool attendent before heading over to put it down on one of the sun lougnes at the end of the lap lanes which was the perfect position for my to watch the unveiling if my hunch was right.

There was no wasting time for him and as I watched from the terrace he proceeded to take his shirt off and as his shirt travelled up his back my eyes stayed focused on his waist in the hope to get a glimpse of what lay beneath those baggy basketball shorts. As he stood shirtless loosely folding his shirt and placing it down on the sun lounge my eyes scanned his waist but nothing was being given away.

A moment later I saw him straighten up and his arms moved towards the waistband of his shorts and it was now the moment of truth, was there a Lycra suit or loose swim shorts under there?

All of my focus was now on the waist band and my eyes stayed with it as he started to pull them down and it didn’t take long until I saw the first bit of the tight waistband of black Lycra.

As more tight black Lycra was revealed it soon become apparent that this guy meant business and was sporting a pair of TYR plain black jammers.

As he leant foward to step out of his baggy shorts I had the best view to watch the sun simmer on the Lycra and after throwing his baggy shorts on top of his Tshirt he turned and walked back in my direction and up until this point I hadn’t realised but the outdoor shower where he was heading was in full view of where I was sitting.

Whilst the sight of him in his dry black TYR jammers was great what was about to happen was going to be the cherry on top of my Lycra sunday!

Dubai TYR Jammer Focus

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