Easter in U.A.E Day 2

After the work week in Asia and the flight back yesterday I didn’t set an alarm this morning so it was late morning before I got out of bed and pulled on today’s pair of Carioca sungas. Today I’ve choosen the Red Classic Cut suit that I brought just before the trip.

I thought I’d get breakfast after my laps so I headed down to the lap pool and being that it was mid morning most of the sun lounges were already taken but I found a spare one so I put my towel down and then started to take my t-shirt and shorts off. Where the sun lounge was positioned meant that I needed to walk across the width of the pool past the front row of sun lounges to get to where 3 lanes were marked out. I rinsed off under the outdoor shower and then headed in to do my laps.

I don’t know if it was the massage yesterday, wearing my new red swimmers or all the sleep but I was feeling really good and had a great rhythm whilst swimming so after a good pool session it was time to go grab my gear and head to one of the other pools to find a better positioned sun lounge and get some breakfast.

Before getting out of the pool (as I was in the lane against the infinity part of the pool) I lingered in the water taking in the view whilst I removed my googles before turning around and lifting myself out of the pool.

Gettingoutofpoolman-1024x682 Cut

As I got out of the pool and got onto my feet I noticed that the guy on the sun lounge (which was just in front of the pool) looked over the top of his book at me and whilst this might not be anything out of the ordinary it was the fact that it wasn’t just a glance but his eyes were locked on me and as I moved off towards my sun lounge his gazed stayed on me and as I walked past his wife towards my gear I thought I’d chalk it up to my new red swimsuit.

After passing this guy’s wife there was a planter that separated the pairs’ of sun lounges and as I moved past the planter there was another couple sitting in the next pair and the same thing happened with the second guy’s gaze lasting longer than usual. It was certainly a great confidence booster and as I reached the outdoor shower to rinse off I was standing a little taller and I felt like I had just taken part in one of those Diet Coke adverts or something like that.

elaxingatapool Cut

After picking my gear up I headed for the pool where I had seen the guy in the striped Speedo yesterday but unfortunately all of the sun lounges were taken and he wasn’t repeating yesterday’s routine so I moved on to a grassed around between the pool and the private beach and found a suitable sun lounge before ordering brunch.

Whilst I relaxed waiting for food to arrive I scanned the sun lounges in front of me and I spotted a couple that were lounging and reading books in the last row before the beach started. The couple were very engrossed in their books but from this angle they stood out as her swimsuit was a little bit more revealing than all of the others in the area and from this angle it looked like he might be wearing Speedos or at the very least boxer midcut style. Besides these two there really wasn’t much to write home about so I grabbed my book and settled in.

After a little while breakfast hadn’t arrived but over the top of my book I saw the guy get up from his sun lounge and that was when I had confirmation that he was wearing a mainly black pair of brief style Speedos, so I continued to watch as he proceeded to straighten out his town and lower the back of his sun lounge. They were probably a little to far away to see much detail of his Speedos but after getting his sun lounge arranged he stood and chatted to his wife for a few minutes before proceeding to lay down on his newly repositioned sun lounge.

Reader in black Speedo

I went back to my book but soon after this my food arrived so I sat up and straddled the lounge and started to eat and whilst looking out towards the beach my thoughts replayed all of the pairs of Speedos that I had seen in the last 24 hours and I was quite impressed as from what I had read about this region I had not expected to see this many pairs of Speedos on show.

After eating I resumed my reading, but managed to catch a closer view of the couple that I had seen in front of my sun lounge when they walked past to take a dip in the pool and the guy was wearing a Speedo brand pair which had a little bit of a design on one side but was basically black with the famous Speedo Logo in full view.

Whilst the couple were in the pool I noticed a guy in a black pair of Speedos on the beach just beyond their empty lounges as the guy in them stood up and started to look through his bag that was hanging from one of the outstretched arms of the umbrella. As he moved around I could see that they were a basic black brief style swimsuit and I couldn’t believe that I’d lucked out and seen yet another pair of Speedos in such a short space of time.

As he was a little way away from me I couldn’t see exactly what he was getting out of his bag but it wasn’t long before he found what he wanted and turned and headed towards the ocean and disappeared. I was quite lucky though that he would be returning at some point and that it would be in the same region as the other pair of Speedos so I could glance up from my book and get my fill of Lycra candy.

I continued to read and got through another chapter of my book before I started to get a bit restless so I thought I might head down to the beach for a bit of a dip and try and get a closer look at the black Speedos that I saw get up and head to the ocean.

As I walked down to the beach my eyes scanned the water to see if I could spot where the pair of Speedos had disappeared to but I couldn’t see him with this quick scan. I headed into the water and swam out to the bouys that marked out the resorts area. After reaching them I floated there for a while looking back towards the beach.

I noticed after a couple of minutes that there was someone swimming parallel with the shore along the line of bouys heading back in my direction and as they got closer I realised that this is where the pair of Speedos had disappeared to. He had a decent pace on him and looked rather confident in the water.

As he swam passed I could see from his body that he swims a lot and it was great to his body move through the water and water roll over his shoulders and down his back before rushing over his black Lycra butt. His black Speedos shimmered with the sun water that was playing with the fabric and I was almost pinching myself that I was able to witness him swim past.

I watched as he continued to the end of the marked out around and after reaching the end he stopped and rested and started gently swimming back towards where I was as I was directly in line with where his wife and sun lounge were on the beach.

I started to swim back into the shore a little bit whilst he continued to slowly warm down but stopped short of getting out and floated in the shallow water. I stayed submerged and relaxed there for a couple of minutes which was lucky because this guy in his plain black Speedos continued to in my direction as he wasn’t very far from where I was and I was able to watch as the water got shallower and his wet Speedos appeared out of the water as he walked confidently up towards the sand.

asdf CUt


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