Easter in U.A.E The rest of Day 1

After I finished breakfast I grabbed the pair of Classic Cut Papaya that I had packed in my laptop bag, then dropped my laptop bag off at the concierge desk before heading to the change rooms by the pool. In the change rooms I quickly jumped under the shower to wash the flight off before pulling on my swimmers. I headed out in search of a sun lounge and after walking through the different pool areas I thought I would head down to the beach area as it would be great to have sand between my toes again.

As I walked along the beach I found a section of that wasn’t to populated so whilst all of the front row with the thatched hut rooms were occupied I settled into one that was a little further back. I laid my towel out and put my things down and couldn’t wait any longer so headed for the water, which was really refreshing and it wasn’t long before I was completely soaked and submerged right up to my neck and man did it feel great to be back in the ocean.

Until now I had not seen another guy in a pair of Speedos but as I was floating in the ocean looking back towards the beach I noticed that there was a guy with his family wearing a pair and whilst I didn’t notice him on the way in I was now very intrigued to see if what I was seeing was correct and then to see what type of Speedos he had on.

After a few minutes I started to head back but headed a little bit above where I needed to be so that I would be able to confirm what I was seeing. As I came out of the water I was in the right position that I could head up towards the outdoor shower next to the lifeguard station and get a better view of this guy in his Speedo and whilst he was engrossed in his book I was able to see that he was wearing a mainly black suit with white and grey detail stripes on the sides. I wasn’t able to linger to see everything in detail so couldn’t see the logo so headed for a quick rinse before heading back to my sun lounge.

After I arranged myself on the sun lounge I sat there taking in the view that I had out over the private beach and as I looked out to the beach the guy that I had spotted in his Speedos was on the front row to the right of me. The back of his sun lounge was currently propped up so that he was sitting up facing out to the ocean reading his book, but within probably about 10 minutes he put his book down and swung his legs around to his left onto the sand so that he was now sitting facing chatting to his wife.

After a minute or so he stood up and walked around the other side of his sun lounge and proceeded to put the back down so that it was now all flat. As he moved about re-arranging his towel I was able to get a better look at his swimsuit and whilst it was a very conservative design compared to my Papaya coloured suit it’s designed really complimented his form.

Soon after getting his sun lounge organised he proceeded to lay face down facing out towards the ocean and settle in for a while. After he had laid down he disappeared from the view that I had across the top of the other sun lounges, but as I leant to my right I realised that I was able to see straight through a gap in the raised backs of the sun lounges which framed the view of his legs and most of his Lycra covered bum.

It was a view that I don’t think I have had the opportunity to see but here it was my own private view that I could look at and study. Most of what I could see was the backs of his legs but has my eyes moved along the backs of his thighs as they thickened up as they got closer to his waist the valley between his legs got deeper. My eyes continued to trace along his leg and it wasn’t long before the bare skin disappeared under the black Lycra of his Speedos.

The Lycra of his Speedos was stretched tight as it appeared from between his towel and his skin as it moved up and around his hip as the waist band of his Speedos went straight up and continued over the top of his butt checks just below his waist. In comparison thought the bottom part of his Speedos had a few more curves and twists to negotiate before getting back in contact with the towel.

As the bottom edge of his Speedos curved around from the narrow part at the top of his thigh the Lycra was stretched tight against his skin as it flared out to cover his left butt cheek and continued until it lost contact with any skin and stretched across the gap between his cheeks. The way the Lycra sat highlighted his round butt and only showed signs of relaxing as the it cupped around the line around the top of his legs and the start of the curve of his butt. His Speedos sat perfectly in that natural line as they wrapped around and started to disappear down between his legs and as my eyes following the Lycra as it started to relax it created a fan style ripple.

I was able to enjoy this scene for a little while but shortly after laying down his phone rang and it seemed to be something he couldn’t ignore as he was soon getting up from his sun lounge and walking down the beach in front of me and then paced back and forth a couple of times to check something with his wife before disappearing down the beach.

Cut Combo Dub

I soaked up the sun for a little bit longer but I had a massage booked in for mid afternoon and was wanting to settle into my room before then, so before long there was just enough time for a quick swim before getting changed and heading up to get the room key.

As I came out of the water I headed back to the sun lounge and started to gather my things up when I spotted a guy walking from the beach a bit further up on the beach on the other side of the lifeguard station. He was heading back up towards the pool and then turned around then headed back to the beach, but the most striking thing about him that caught my attention was that he was wearing a striking pair of horizontal striped Speedos and the way he walked back and forth he was certainly wearing them with confidence.

UntitledIt was lucky that the path to shower and change rooms lead past where I had seen him disappear back towards the beach so as I headed past the lifeguard station and as I turned out towards the ocean I was expecting to see him on sun lounge, but he was kneeling down in the sand with his wife and small child. I couldn’t stop and so continued on to get changed but in time it took to get there I managed to see him run back to where they had there sun lounges and pram set up near one of the pools.

After coming out of the showers I thought I need to try and get a glimpse of the area that my striped Speedo friend had his family’s sun lounges set up and whilst I wasn’t able to linger to long, luckily they had returned from the beach and were now laying back with their daughter.

UAE Day 1 2

I was impressed with this guy’s choice in swimsuit and wanted to go over and high five him as he wore them so confidently and I was hoping that they might be out getting some sun tomorrow.

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