Easter in U.A.E Morning of Day 1

I’ve been on a business trip this last week and since I had to change planes in Dubai on the way back to London I  thought I might as well take a couple of days off and enjoy some R & R.

It’s currently 10am and I have just arrived at the resort, but as my room isn’t ready I’ve currently sitting on the terrace over looking the infinity pool and beach beyond having brunch whilst I wait for my room an I thought I’d get quick post done to give you a taste of what I’m going to be up to over the next couple of days.

I have of course packed Lycra for this trip starting with a couple of pairs of 3/4 running tights and I have done a little something different with my swimwear as well which is to bring just 3 pairs of CaRioCa sunga swimwear. Why is that different you might ask, well usually I would have a new pair for each day (this trip is 10 days) and there is usually an array of brands.

For the regular readers you might remember that late in 2015 I brought my first two pairs of CaRioCa swimwear which if you don’t know seem to be the preferred choice of Brazilians on the beaches of Rio de Janeiro and beyond. So a couple of weeks ago I purchased my third pair which lucky arrived a couple of days before I left on the trip which might have been why I decided I would commit to just wearing this brand for the duration of the trip.

To be honest with you I can’t remember how the other pairs arrived but when I opened the envelope last week I was really excited to get them in my hands and on, but as I pulled them from the envelope I quickly realised they were packaged in a little calico bag with their logo on and just with this my excitement built and it felt like I was holding a bag of Lycra gold!

2016-03-19 14.07.43I had to take a photo to share with you all but since getting them, they were packed in their little bag and unless they are being worn or hanging up to dry I have returned them to their packaging, which sounds a little weird now as I type but everytime I have got them out of their little bag it still makes me feel like I’m holding Lycra gold in my hands.

Ok I can’t look at this pool any longer and not jump in so I am going to go grab a towel and get changed and dive in.


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